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BER ratings and what they mean to homeowners

BER ratings and what they mean to homeowners

A BER certificate is similar to the energy label on your fridge that shows a scale of A1 to G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient.

Over 80pc of new homes, which have been rated since the beginning of 2007, have achieved a B-rating.

SEI has published indicative ratings for typical homes, showing that those built before the 1980s should achieve a low D or E.

Those built from the 1980s onwards should get a high D, those in the 1990s should get a C2, and properties built since the millennium will typically achieve a C1.

Older houses with good insulation and heating controls should only expect to achieve a B rating at the most, as an A rating would be very difficult to achieve.

The SEI's website has a Home Energy Survey section that can help you decide which home improvement projects will make the greatest energy savings and reduce your bills the most. You can get a list of registered BER assessors from the SEI or at

The cost of a BER assessment is not regulated so prices will vary. Indeed, some newspaper reports have highlighted wide disparities in prices quoted from some assessors and also the length of time taken to do the job.

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