2016 Home Improvement Trends You Might Not Expect in Ireland

Home Improvement Trends You Might Not Expect in Ireland

Home improvement tastes are continuously evolving. This is normally no bad thing, with home design innovations usually improving to suit the times. As a result many of us now look back on previous ‘trends’ with a mixture of wonderment and disgust, asking ourselves questions like ‘What was I thinking?’ or ‘How was that ever trendy?’. I have a picture in my head of a certain wood effect lino floor covering as I type……Yuk.   

Home Improvement Design trends in 2016 are no different. They are plentiful and some of them will not last the test of time. Here are a few that we thought we’d share:

Smart Homes – The Internet of Things

Smart Home Designs

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but in 2016 the physical home really is set to support our digital lifestyles. There was a time when the concept of a smart home ended at setting timers for our lights – but now companies like Nest and even Electric Ireland are making the remote controlled house a reality. Today you can control your lighting and heating via your smart phone, can record TV shows from anywhere, and get alerts from your CCTV security cameras 24/7 and much more.  From a design perspective home owners are now incorporating charging points (wired and wireless) into cabinets, worktops and sockets as standard. This space is set to explode in the years ahead….we just hope that all this one technology that doesn’t need an upgrade every 3 years!  

Art on walls

Wall Decoration

There was a time when art was art, and a wall was a wall. Ahh, simpler times! Recently however we’ve seen the lines being blurred and art going directly onto walls in peoples home. A fad? Well it all started with the Blackboard wall in kids rooms, so that generation might just keep it going!

Posh Recycled Furniture

Recycled Furniture

Most of us recycle our rubbish for eco-friendly reasons. But now there’s even more to home recycling. We’ve begun to see more and more recycled materials appearing as home furnishings and furniture. We’re not just talking about the odd reclaimed sleeper for raised garden beds or wooden pallet to make garden furniture - but even cooler stuff!

recycled furniture


Think chairs and shelves made of hardback books, foot stools made of old tyres finished with rope and lampshades made from old milk bottle crates. Hard to visualise, we know. So we’ve added a few photos. Hard to know whether these designs will be (ehm) recycled themselves in a few years..

The Healthy home revolution

Well, our money’s on this one to stick! Home owners are ever more conscious of the materials being used in their homes – and the potential health risks. It started with Carbon Monoxide Alarms and low VOC paints, then progressed to water filters and air purifiers. Now home owners are beginning to ask about the safety of other interior fittings. For example – did you know that the MDF used to make panels and cupboards in our homes can contain formaldehyde and other carcinogenic nasties?

LED Lighting

LED Lighting design

The old style light bulb is obsolete. Since about 2013 LED lighting has been the new standard for home lighting but there are still a huge volume of older style bulbs out there. LED lighting delivers much cheaper running costs and a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. In keeping with the ‘Smart Home’ theme above, it can now even be controlled remotely. The design possibilities around LED lighting are exciting too – with a myriad of colour options and custom strip lighting designs to fit under any counter or worktop. We think this is one bright idea that won’t fade out. Sorry!

DIY is dead



We know we have a vested interest in this one, but its actually official. According to Forbes magazine ‘Do It Yourself’ has been replaced by ‘Do It For Me.’ It’s claims are backed up by the mass closures of DIY store branches belonging to industry giants such as B&Q and Travis Perkins. The reason? Well, it’s all the youth of todays fault! Joking aside the lack of basic handyman skills in younger generations coupled with the low prices and accessibility of skilled tradesmen is the main driver behind it. And we see it everyday, with our tradesmen being asked to do everything from hanging a shelf to building an extension.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote for that Home Improvement today.


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