5 Home Improvements Tips for Autumn

5 Home Improvements Tips for Autumn

As the summer weather slips away and the temperatures cool……Ok, let’s get real for a minute! Summer weather in Ireland? Didn’t happen in 2016 :-(

But the truth is that regardless of the summer weather, each autumn we should do some maintenance on our homes and rental properties to prevent major projects and costs in the long run. Below are 5 of the best lifesaving, money saving, and safety tips.  

Boiler Service


boiler sevice


Yep, for once you can believe all the hype and advertising around. We also believe it's important to get this message out every year as saves lives among other benefits. Here are 4 reasons why you absolutely need to get your boiler serviced:

  1. Safety. People die each year from Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by faulty boilers and other household appliances. It's a no brainer (as are out offers on carbon monoxide alarms).
  2. Save on energy bills. An inefficient boiler will simply cost you more to run.
  3. Prolong the life of your boiler. Getting it serviced regularly increases its lifespan and prevents the cost of a full replacement
  4. Insurance. We’ve heard of cases of insurance companies denying cover where boilers have not been serviced. Sneaky? Maybe but you’ve been warned!

All that said, please beware of paying too much for your next boiler service. Avoid expensive offers from your utility / energy companies and go straight to the front line Registered Gas installers for a cheaper and more comprehensive boiler service. Get a free boiler serve quote now!


Home Insulation


home insulation


 “You can have the best heating system in the world, but if you’re house isn’t insulated property you’re wasting money.”       A very wise home owner.

Do yourself a favour and get the house insulated. If you can’t afford a full external insulation project, then start with the attic and some other areas of the home.

Here are some handy DIY tips to improve insulation at home.

Need something more professional? Get free quotes for internal and external insulation from qualified and rated pro’s here.


Garden Maintenance


Decking Maintenance

Now is the time to secure, cover, or store outdoor furniture. Not to mention weeding the garden.   

Ever seen that slimy, moss riddled decking? Sure you have. Its decking that’s not been cleaned or treated for a while. Don’t wait for your own decking, shed or fences to deteriorate over the winter months – clean them now using a power washer and treat them using specialised wood treatments.

Here are some detailed DIY decking maintenance tips.



Home Security



Burglaries in Ireland are up. Again. There are some key security actions you can take to prevent intruders coming into your home.

If you are looking for an alarm or need to service an existing one – submit a job for one of our PSA Accredited alarm installers here. It’s free.





Roof Repairs


“Ah sure it’s barely a leak roofersat all….”

We hear this a lot. Unfortunately leaks never heal themselves and only get worse. Now is the time to get the roofer out to fix the leak before the weather takes an even bigger turn for the worse. Get a quote now.


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