Boiler Service: How You Know You Need One

Boilers are essential for home comfort, but expensive to replace. Maintaining your boiler and ensuring it runs in excellent condition is a great way to save yourself some much-needed cash, and improve the safety of your home. After all, regular maintenance not only saves you cash in the long run - but it could also keep you, and your family safe - as faulty boilers can be fatal. 

What's more, a healthy boiler is generally much more efficient, meaning that maintaining yours could lead to lower energy bills. Regular boiler services could help to catch problems before they become too serious - an essential process for protecting you, and your bank account.

As ever you can ge a free boiler service quote from one of our registered boiler service engineers here.


Why Get a Boiler Service?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider regular boiler services. In fact, your boiler should always be serviced at least once a year by an experienced boiler service engineer - even if you believe it's in working order. This engineer will be able to check all the parts and clean various components - keeping you safe from serious problems. Remember, a boiler service can:

  1. Reduce your fuel bills: Qualified engineers can ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible - meaning no squandered energy.
  2. Ensure your insurance is valid: Most home and business insurance policies require your boiler to be safe and well-maintained. Services can make sure you meet your insurance requirements.
  3. Save lives: Faulty boilers can be very dangerous. Between 1999 and 2010, the CDC reported 5,149 deaths in the United States from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. A Boiler professional can detect and fix any dangers during a service.

Boiler Service Signs: Carbon Monoxide (CO2) Emissions 

Boiler Service iRELAND

Clinking noises, sooty black marks, cracks, and leaks, can all suggest that there's a problem with your boiler. One of the most important concerns to watch for - is the presence of CO2. A faulty or damaged boiler can produce carbon monoxide - a gas that you can't taste, smell, or see. Since carbon monoxide can kill, your home should already be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector placed near to your boiler.

Besides regularly checking your carbon monoxide detector, you may be able to spot a CO2 leak if you notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Fires becoming difficult to light
  • Sooty stains on appliances that burn fuel
  • Gas flames burning yellow or orange instead of blue

You may also notice a strange smell emitting from your boiler, accompanied by dark marks around the casing. This is often a sign that your boiler is not burning properly, and could be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.

Boiler Service Signs: Symptoms of Boiler Inefficiency

Just because you're relatively sure that you're not having carbon monoxide leaks - doesn't mean your boiler is working as it should be. The following signs of inefficiency could indicate that you need a service to promote optimal function in your boiler:

  • Your home isn't warming up properly: If you notice that your home isn't warming up as it should, this is a sign that your boiler is no longer working efficiently.
  • Your hot water is unreliable: Again, this suggests that your boiler is becoming less efficient. However, hot water problems can sometimes also occur as a result of pressure issues - but a boiler service will be able to inform you of the issue.
  • Your bills are increasing: If you suspect that you're paying too much for fuel, and your gas supplier indicates that they will be increasing your payments, this could be a sign that your boiler is no longer efficient.
  • You notice strange leakages or noises: These are signs that your boiler is malfunctioning in some way. If you suspect that your boiler is leaking - you'll need to seek help immediately.

Regular Boiler Service means a Healthy Boiler

If your boiler is showing any of the signs outlined above, it's very likely that you could benefit from a boiler service. In some cases, you might even find that the current state of your boiler is posing a threat to your family's health. Don't ignore these signs, reach out to a registered boiler service engineer for a quote today.


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