Home Improvement And Home Repairs For Christmas

We think it’s still a little too early to wish you a happy Christmas (but we do anyway), but that does not mean that you can’t get your house ready for it! The reality is that for many home owners, the weeks surrounding Christmas are among the hardest wearing for a a house or apartment – lots of days with the family indoors, extra visitor traffic and general wear + tear.

The good news is that it’s still not too late to get the house ready. Here are some handy tips of what you can still do to ‘Christmas Proof’ your home!

  1.        Your House, Looking Spiffy in time For Christmas Drinks! 

Ok, so you’re hosting the Neighbours for Christmas drinks and you have left it too late to fully re-build/renovate the house. Understood.  But you still have time to spruce it up with a lick of paint in the rooms that matter!

Painting the interior of your home is the most cost effective way to add a level of freshness and cosiness in a matter of days. Our qualified painting contractors still have some slots available pre-Christmas, so get a painting quote here.

  1.        Be Safe & Reduce Heating Bills: Boiler Service. Carbon Monoxide Alarms

During the holidays you will likely run up a bigger than normal heating bill as you make your house cosy. An un-serviced boiler is inefficient and will only increase your heating bills over the Christmas period. Get your boiler serviced today from as little as €65 from our Qualified RGII installers.

A boiler service can also dramatically reduce the risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – the silent killer in our homes. In addition to a Boiler Service please make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in your home. Even better if you get a combination Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm – here are some that you can get delivered and install yourself in minutes.

  1.        Handyman = Peace Maker At Christmas Dinner!

We all have one – an outstanding job in the house that we haven’t gotten round to fixing (despite your partners promises!). Could be a shelf that needs fitting, a door that doesn’t close, a creaky floor board or something more substantial!

Now is a great time to hire a qualified Handyman or Carpenter to get it sorted before Christmas - and save the arguments at Christmas Dinner!

  1.        Home Security

Something we wish we didn’t have to write about, but a reality in today’s Ireland. Burglars love Christmas but there are there are some simple steps you can take in our home security guide that will help you secure your home.

Obviously getting a Burglar Alarm fitted is one proven way to go – you can get a quote from a PSA registered Alarm installer here. We also have also compiled a range of Home Security Cameras and Devices that might help you further.

  1.        Reduce Your Heating Bills. Again?

Hey, didn’t we cover this already? Yep, but worth looking at it from a different angle! Your boiler may be working great now (after point 2), but how do we keep heat in the home ?

Without tackling heat loss, it’s like pouring water into a leaky bucket. You’ll spend a lot of time (and money) doing it, but the result will be an empty bucket. This is the same of a leaky house, your boiler heats it up nicely (and expensively) but the heat pours out the windows, chimney, roof and doors!

If you don’t know where heat is escaping from your home, get an Energy Assessment quote from an expert. They can use all sorts of thermal leak detection technology to map out the heat leaks in your home.

If you do, then insulate. You can insulate your walls and insulate your attic in a very short time by getting quotes from an insulation professional. For smaller heat leaks, try to tackle them yourself with draught excluder strip for windows, door draught excluder and Chimney balloons for the big hole in your chimney!

We hope it helps you have a Happy, Cosy and Safe Christmas! 

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