Home Interior Trends & Tips in 2016: Colour Schemes, Designs and Tips

The interior for the modern home is a design trend that's constantly evolving - and if you like staying updated with the latest in style techniques, then we've got you covered. From the favourite colour schemes to use throughout your kitchen, dining, and living space, to the latest in tips for a more aesthetically attractive, and powerfully practical home, we're covering just a few of the trends that we've seen this year, during 2016.

Before we start it's important to note that implementing the below might be beyond the average DIY'er. Feel free to get a quote from one of our qualified tradesmen, interior designers or Handymen to see how much the experts charge.

Calmer Colour Palettes

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One of the most popular recommended colours for interior décor this year was "soft pink", but if you want something a little more neutral, you can still opt for a refreshing palette cleanse using a range of soft cream, brown, and stone colours.

Though the modern homes of last year were all about bold colours and cold greys, this year, the focus seems to have moved to warmer shades (something we can fully appreciate in during the cold Irish autumn). The idea of the softer, subtler colour choices this year was to help offer people a relaxing environment to retreat to after the chaos of a busy modern life.

Extra Tip: If you're still drawn to bolder, sharper colours, why not mix and match design ideas by implementing two-tone cabinets in the kitchen, and sprucing up neutral walls with the occasional splash of colour in wall hangings, furniture, and accessories? Why not get a quote from a qualified painter here.

Warm Metals and Coloured Steel

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Particularly appropriate in kitchen and bathroom spaces, the move away from colder hues has continued within the metallic areas of the home, thanks to rose gold, copper, brass, and gold fixtures. Warmer metal colours are being used more and more throughout various spaces in the house, from golden taps on your bathtub, to copper-coloured doorknobs.

To avoid clashing colours, try to stick to neutral white and cream shades when using warm metals, otherwise you could end up with a messy collection of shades.

Extra Tip: Looking for a bigger way to implement coloured steel into your home? Black stainless steel has started to make a serious buzz in homes throughout 2016, with large collections of kettles, toasters, and even washing machines being introduced in sunset bronze finishes, black colours, and more. Get a quote for your dream custom kitchen from one of our kitchen specialists.

Rough Luxe

Interior Design

The "shabby chic" vibe for interior decoration has been around for quite some time now, but it's still making a huge impact in 2016. Instantly aging woods and other materials to add depth and texture to a space is a great way to make something special in your home - whether you're simply sprucing up an old dining set, or adding modern urban appeal to your bedroom.

Adding some rough texture to an otherwise soft and sterile environment is a great way to intrigue the senses and make people stop and take notice. Just be careful that you don't take the concept too far - as you don't want your home to look like it's been wrecked.

Extra Tip: Try creating your own rough luxe objects from items you find in a charity shop and decorate using guides you can find on YouTube and other great websites. There are plenty of fantastic ideas out there to try. You can also get a quote from one of our painting contractors to create that distressed look on existing furniture.

Seamless Functionality

Home Renovations

Finally, since we're all living such fast-paced lives, we need a home that's as convenient and straight-forward as possible. That's why multi-functional furniture is becoming increasingly popular throughout many interior spaces, ideal for those who need extra room for storage, or simply those who want to make the most of what they have.

Life in living rooms has changed a lot recently, with table top platforms where you can place your phone or tablet for instant charging, and other innovative solutions for integrated devices. You can even get multi-functioning kitchen drawers and floating shelves to give you extra space in a cramped room.

Extra Tip: Before you invest in any extra technology, it's important to make sure that your existing applications fit with the requirements for things like instant charger pads, and more. 

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