Irish Women Hot On Home Improvement

Irish Women Hot On Home Improvement


Home improvement - at least making promises about it - used to be the domain of the Irish male. In our minds the Irish Dad was forever tinkering at DIY, having a go and sometimes even doing a good job. Even for projects where he knew nothing about the approach or expected result, he put his head down and did his best. It was only when things went wrong that he admitted defeat and called the Tradesman in to undo his poor workmanship - often resulting in a bigger and more expensive job than if he just got a tradesman in from the start. 


But that no longer seems to be the case. It's not that DIY has died, far from it, but its that expectations have changed. Call it the 'Room to Improve' effect or something else, but the average home owner is realising that to get their dream finish some professional help is required. At least Irish females in the household seem to be doing so. An analysis of 3,000 home improvement projects posted on in June 2015 has shown that 57% of all projects were posted by Irish females. Indeed when delved into even more it showed that over 65% of all interior home improvements (Kitchen refits, Bathroom refurbishments, Painting etc.) were instigated by the fairer sex.

Here are some of the findings:

• 67% of kitchen refit projects were posted by Irish females
• 65% of home interior painting job submitted by Irish females
• 60% of landscaping and gardening jobs posted by Irish women
• 57% of home extension and building projects instigated by Irish women
• Only 40% of plumbing and heating jobs related by Irish women

So what does this mean for the Irish males role in home improvement projects ? Well we can speculate that Irish women in 2015 are more sceptical now than ever before when their male partner put their hands up for DIY. They are also more unwilling to listen to the 'I'll do it tomorrow' line for an ongoing unfilled home improvement project. Either way it seems that Irish men need to pull up their socks when it comes to DIY or risk losing them to professional tradesmen. 


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