TradeyPay - Paying Securely for Tradesmen and Home Improvements

TradeyPay - Paying Securely for Tradesmen and Home Improvements

Today we are delighted to launch TradeyPay - The first independent 'cashless' payments service on the market with added security for home owners and convenience for Tradesmen. Whether you are paying for a large home improvement project or a home repair, TradeyPay will change the way you do it. 

Using TradeyPay property owners can now pay tradesmen securely by card for their home improvement projects or home repairs from any connected device. The service is completely free for property owners. 

By making payments using TradeyPay, you automatically benefit from 90 days payment cover from your card issuer as standard. In addition the service provides consumers with an independent payment record for the job which includes the full job details and transaction information. This record can be used as evidence for any disputes or legal proceedings that arise during or after the project.

As an extra layer of security, if you originally source their tradesman using OnlineTradesmen.ie, you can link the payment to your original job request ID – providing you with a full audit trail of the payment from the original request and the tradesman’s online response. This additional information provides an irrefutable record of the service provided and paid for by you  which can then be used in the event of any dispute

So why have we launched it?

Well, over the last number of years we have seen the antiquated nature of how home improvement projects are paid for. Tradesmen have had to depend on property owners having significant cash on their person or deal with cheques and bank transfers. On the other side property owners get stuck with insufficient cash and have to make payments without any concrete guarantees. With our TradeyPay platform we have developed an Innovative solution to a universal issue. Tradesmen can now get paid instantly for their work in full or in stages. Property owners can pay in comfort knowing that they have extra security for their project.

How do I use TradeyPay as a property owner ?

Easy. Just go to our TradeyPay pages and follow the payment instructions - or, if you have hired a tradesmen through OnlineTradesmen.ie, just go to your 'Check Your Replies' section and click the ‘Pay Tradesman’ button for your chosen Tradesman. All you need is the email address of your tradesman and your card. 

How do tradesmen benefit ?

Tradesmen get instant benefits. Straight off they can accept card payments from any device directly into their bank account. No more trips to the bank or waiting to get paid. Enrolled tradesmen can also generate automatic payment receipts to customers and integrate payment records from it to their accounting software for end of year returns. It makes their accounts easy.

It's free for Tradesmen to enrol for free and we charge a small transaction fee for each payment made on the service. You can enroll now by clicking here. 

Press contact : Ted Laverty, CEO. 

Email: PressOnlinetradesmen.com

Phone: +35314877380





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