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Installing a Burglar Alarm in your home

Aug 16

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Friday, August 16, 2013  RssIcon

 First off you should limit your search to PSA (Public Service Authority) licensed installers to setup your alarm system. This will ensure that the company that you contract has passed relevant security checks and is properly certified to operate within this sector. This should buy you peace of mind and you can access these contractors on www.onlinetradesmen.com. You are then left with choosing the right alarm system for your requirements. 

There are a number of options for you to choose from in this area. A good place to start is by ensuring that the alarm system being fitted complies to European Standard ISEN 50131 – this will give you peace of mind and may also get you an extra discount on your home insurance premium. Next ask yourself whether you want your system to be monitored. A monitored alarm will alert a monitoring center (which should also be PSA certified) once triggered and will result in a phone call to the property owner / key holder. If the alarm proves to be valid it will result in a call to the Gardai for follow up. While a great idea in principle, the effectiveness of such services depend largely on the responsiveness of the local Gardai and their policy on false alarms – many Gardai stations operate on a one (two or three) strikes and you’re out basis, meaning that the next alarm may not be responded to. A happy medium may be in choosing a system with an automated ‘SMS Alert’ facility to property owners when triggered. Next consider whether you want a wired, part wired or full wireless system. The former is the traditional method of installation and uses the main electricity supply while the latter systems rely on batteries which will need to be maintained. Broadband connectivity allows a number of remote management functions that may be of interest to more technical homeowners.