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Tips for keeping winter out of your home

Nov 1

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Keeping the wind out is fairly easy to do. One easy option is to install foam or felt draught excluders that can be purchased at any local hardware shop or online at www.handyhardware.ie . They are designed to prevent airflow around the crack of the door. This has the effect of keeping your heat or cool air inside and therefore should lower your heating bills.

Foam draught excluders not only stop the draft, but they also cushion the door to prevent slamming. Foam or felt draught excluders are especially good for older homes since they can compensate for warped doors or frames. They come in a variety of finishes and colours to match your door frame. The strips can be purchased as self-sticking tapes which can be cut of match any frame.

The gap at the bottom of my front door seems to let in a lot of cold air. I’ve tried the normal foam draught excluder but the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor is too big. Do I need to replace my front door?

The draught excluder will stop some draughts but may not be able to insulate larger gaps especially at floor level.  Take a sheet of stiff paper and if you can slide it under your doorway without any obstruction you're allowing the elements to come into your home. By the sounds of it you may be able to slide a whole book under your front door.

To remedy this you can install a door bottom draught excluder. This can seal the gap between the door and the floor. This is normally thicker than the standard stick on foam so can only be used at the bottom of your door. The foam strip can be cut to match the bottom of your door. A popular product for this is Geko’s Double Sided Draught Excluder which can be installed by attaching it to the bottom of your door.  It’s designed to self attach to your door so it can easily be removed or attached when needed. This is a great solution especially if you have wooden or tiled floor, carpets tend to offer some natural insulation.  This product can purchased online at www.handyhardware.ie