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Insulating your home - for less than €20

Diswasher and Washing machine repairsMaking your home cozy this winter needn't cost you a fortune! Sure, you can apply for SEI (SEAI) grants for your cavity walls, external walls and attic space - well worth doing - but you should also consider the basics. So we've put together some tips that make a difference and cost less than €20 ! 

To start with it goes without saying that an well maintained heating system is vital to keep your winter bills to a minimum. For this reason property owners should have their boilers serviced on an annual basis by a qualified professional. An outlay of around €80 from our registered installers can end up saving you hundreds on your bill over the winter. Click here for a quote now

However, retaining the heat within your home is just as important – there is no point throwing away your hard earned cash to heat a leaky building! Property owners should do a survey of their own homes to identify areas where heat is being lost.

Start with the obvious areas - external doors, windows and chimney openings. You can test the air tightness of each by holding a lit candle near the frames / opening of each. If the flame flickers wildly or extinguishes itself, it’s telling you that colder outside air is getting into your home at this point. Here are some simple tips to address this:

• For your windows, you can use simple weather stripping or sealants to seal your window frames. “Unibond Weather Protect Window and door frame sealant” is the leader in the latter category and is available online for just €13.95 from

• For your external doors, draught excluders strips and flaps will make a big difference in insulating your home and cost as little as €5.95 for the average home. Particular attention should also be paid to letterboxes which results in additional draughts. KwikGrip Letterbox Draught is available online for €6.95.

• By it’s very nature, a chimney is an obvious area of heat loss within the home. By installing a chimney balloon you can block off outside airflows and make a room noticeably warmer. A standard chimney balloon shouldn’t cost more that €30 to buy.

While restricting draughts is great for your energy bills, you do also  need to make sure that you still have adequate ventilation within your home. If you have gas heating, you should also ensure that you have a carbon monoxide detector in place, available from from €6.95.

Other areas of heat loss in a home include poorly insulated external walls and roof spaces in the home. Installing good attic insulation need not break the bank and grants are also available from the SEAI for external wall insulation projects. To get a quote for insulating your home now please click here.

In addition to reducing draughts in your home, here are some other tips to make the winter more bearable:

  • To get the most from your radiators, place a reflector pad behind them to reflect heat away from your walls and into a room. Where a radiator is below a window, install a shelf above it.
  • Make sure your hot water tank is adequately insulated with a lagging jacket. This will keep your hot water warmer, longer.
  • If it applies, make sure your thermostat is set to approx 18C and it is turned off both at night and when you are away.


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