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Plumbing tip on how to remove an airlock

plumbing tip removing an airlockWith the freezing weather, it could be that your water supply has been disrupted with constant water restrictions or indeed frozen pipes. When this 'water on', 'water off ' happens there is a greater chance for an ‘Airlock’ to get into your hot water system – resulting in little or no hot water coming from your taps. Read on for details on how to fix it...

What to do for Freezing and burst pipes


freezing pipesWhat is the risk of freezing pipes?
It’s a simple fact that when water freezes, it expands. Unfortunately the pipes used for your plumbing are not so flexible, resulting in burst pipes and water damage in your home. Any home with poor insulation is at risk (think many of the homes built in the last 7 years) and any space within the home where pipes are exposed to a cold air flow are vulnerable – think attic spaces, outside walls and cracked wall coverings. If in doubt, check your home out by following the investigative steps below.