Meet the Expert: 4 ways to save electricity in the home with Magnetech Solutions

As we become increasingly aware of how excessive use of energy contributes to global warming, many homeowners are still ignoring their own use of electricity in the home.  

Today we chat with Company Director Noel Walsh from Magnetech Solutions.  As Walsh explains, a few small adjustments in the home can make a big difference to conserving electricity and saving money on your monthly bill. 

Isolation switches and kitchen appliances

We should all know by now that boiling a full kettle for a single cup or turning on a half loaded dishwasher is wasting energy. However, Walsh also highlights how turning off isolation switches in the kitchen will also reduce energy consumption.

“Many homeowners are leaving washing machines, dryers and extractor fans on standby, and not conscious of the electricity used,” Walsh says. “People don’t realise how such a simple act of throwing the isolation switch off at the end of the day will save electricity.”

Walsh recommends that kitchen upgrades or kitchen rewires should always include isolation switches in the refit. 

Don’t leave it on standby

Stereos and TVs left in standby mode are also big electricity consumption culprits. “Integrated wall-mounted TVs are often left in standby mode because people have hidden the switches and plugs to avoid cord mess,” says Walsh.

Walsh also recommends turning off the Wi-Fi router when not in use and disconnecting mobile phone chargers when fully charged. "The cumulative effect of these actions will make a big difference in the amount of electricity used in the home."

Keeping appliances in the home on standby while still consuming electricity, can typically cost a homeowner €120 more per year in unnecessary charges. Walsh advises to monitor electricity usage effectively by installing a watt meter, which clips on to your house's electrical meter.

Switch to LED

LED lights have been replacing incandescent, but many older homes still have older light fittings. In many cases, you can replace your incandescent screw-in light bulbs with LED, but just make sure it's a compatible LED and matches the performance of the previous bulb.

However, Walsh recommends replacing the lighting fixture to accommodate LED. “The savings when converting to LED are enormous, but replacing a light bulb with LED can actually be more expensive than just replacing the entire fixture.”


Check Bathroom Appliance Energy Ratings 

Saving electricity in the bathroom depends on the boiler, fuel and efficiency of the system. Electric showers are efficient to heat only the water used and will use less energy than a power shower.

However, Walsh warns to check the energy efficiency of electric shower units before buying. “I am seeing electric showers becoming less energy efficient with models now consuming up to 10,500 kW of energy, which is unnecessary in my opinion.”

There is a range of electric eco showers and mixer eco showers now available, designed to limit water consumption and energy, no matter what the household's water pressure.

“Extraction fans are a necessary component of any bathroom, but it is important that homeowners buy an A rated product. An electrical appliance will vary in their efficiency rating and an A rated appliance will ensure that you are choosing the most energy efficient product, lowering energy bills and reducing carbon impact,” says Walsh.

Magnetech Solutions is a Safe Electric contractor. With over 22 years experience as an electrical engineer, Noel Walsh offers a wide range of commercial and domestic electrical services both in Dublin and nationwide. 

When it comes to electrical work in the home, always call an electrician to get the job done right and safely.  You can contact Magnetech Solutions directly or post a job here.

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