Home Improvements - 5 Lesser Known Home Improvement Trends 2016

Home improvement is a bit like the latest handbag fashion. You desperately want to keep up to date, you certainly want the latest bag, but can you afford or justify it?

However, there are a couple of major differences in the comparison – first, your home is actually an asset. For most of us, it's the most valuable one we have. Secondly, we can’t just change our house depending on what dress or shoes we are wearing :-). We are stuck with it for the long term.

So, while it is impossible to keep your home up-to-date with every home improvement trend as they happen, it is essential to get a refresh periodically for mental and financial reasons . A bit like that handbag…:-)

For this very reason we're reaching into our own bag of tricks and pulling together some of the less well known home improvement trends out there. Read it in conjunction with our previous blog on Home Interior trends to get the whole picture!  

As ever – you can get quotes from our qualified tradesmen and builders for your own home improvement!


1. Shower Installation: Bring on the Shower Stalls

Shower Installers Onlinetradesmen

Statistically home owners are now investing in a luxurious walk-in showers over sumptuous deep-fill bath tubs. Ahh, the luxury of it all.....

In part, this could be because people are so busy with their fast-paced modern lifestyles that they simply don't feel they have time for a good old, relaxing soak - or it may just people that people like the modern look of showers more than tubs.

Either way, people have been shifting away from the bathtub-centric bathrooms, deciding to switch towards walk-in shower stalls complete with shelving, seating, and a range of optimal shower heads to choose from. Get a quote from a bathroom installer here.

2.    Painting Your Kitchen: Oak Out. Painted Cabinets in. 

Paint the kitchen

Those old oak cabinets that homeowners used to love within their kitchens have been replaced with modern paints and darker stain finishes. Though rustic and natural finishes are still much-loved within the interior design community - they're more likely to be seen within bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms than the modern kitchen today.

Fortunately, there's a number of great ways that you can update your kitchen cabinet design without having to replace them all together. In fact, refacing (switching the doors) or refinishing your cabinets (paint or add new veneer peel to MDF ones)  could save you a lot of money on a complete kitchen redesign. Get a quote from a painting contractor or a kitchen installer for your job.

3.    Tiling : Glass Tile is In - Ceramic is Out

When it comes to protecting the walls from those walk-in showers and kitchen backsplashes, the professionals suggest that homeowners are gradually scrapping ceramic options in favor of more glamorous glass tiles. Apparently, part of the reason behind this is that glass tile shows fewer flaws than ceramic tile. On top of that, there's also a great range of colors and designs to choose from - perfect for creating the ideal aesthetic in your selected room. Get a quote from a tiler here.

4.    Kitchen Applicances: Mid-Range is the way to go.

As fun as high-tech gadgets might be, the chances are that you'll be more likely to purchase mid-range products than their high-end counterparts. The reason for this is that the technology being used within the mid-range options is now just as good as the technology that you'll get when you shell out an extra few hundred euros. This means that there's no longer much of a solid reason for homeowners to spend extra money on top-of-the-line machines.

Of course, there are a few appliances out there with a heftier price tag that can offer some very impressive extra features - but for the majority of homeowners, mid-range is best.

5.    Kitchen Worktops - Goodbye Granite

Kitchen Installers
Finally, those granite counter tops that you seem to see in almost every kitchen may be finally on their way out. Today, more people than ever before are switching towards engineered quartz counter tops instead. The reason for this is simply that engineered quartz is a lot tougher than granite - meaning you're less likely to have to replace your interior furniture in the coming years. What's more, it offers the same clean beauty as stone - without the excessive maintenance. Get a quote from a kitchen installer here.

If you're thinking of indulging in a few home improvements yourself, the chances are that you won't have all the skills you need to make the job a success first time around - no matter how much of a great DIY-er you are!

Rather than run the risk of some seriously expensive mistakes,  

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