Home Security: Stupid home owner mistakes exposed!

As a nation We're spending huge amounts on burglar alarms, high tech home security devices and IOT (Internet of Things) gadgets to secure our homes. And don’t get us wrong, they’re great at protecting your home when properly installed. But even they can’t mitigate against some of the more common security mistakes we see up and down the country. 

But don’t despair – OnlineTradesmen.ie is here to help you avoid these simple home security boo boo’s! Here’s a list of our top home security errors and how to prevent them.

You can also get a quote for an alarm or CCTV installation from one of our regulated alarm installers.


1.    Leaving Doors & Windows Unlocked

Home Security Alarms

Ok, this is very obvious but in the year 2016, it may still come as a surprise that there are still homeowners across the country that continue to go out and leave their homes unlocked - in spite of the fact that burglaries and thefts continue to surge.

In most cases, a burglar won't break a window to get into your home, they'll simply walk through the back or front door! Don't make it easy for them - lock every entrance - even if you're just leaving your house for a minute to borrow some sugar from the hot new neighbor next door!


2.    Making it Easier for Burglars to Hide


As pretty as thick shrubs and bushes might look planted around your home, they also represent a fantastic hiding place for burglars and malicious individuals who want to scope out your home. Many criminals relish the privacy that is offered by dense bushes, as they can hide in them easily then climb into a house when you leave for a moment or two, often when you have not set your alarm system. Their vantage points are often obscured to CCTV systems that are in place. The answer? Clear away shrubs around the property and opt for nice, safe flowers instead.


3.    Letting People Know You're Not Home


Alarm Systems
Burglars are highly opportunistic, and will often attempt to break into a home when they know the owners are away for extended periods. Giving signs that you're not home could offer burglars all the motivation that they need to break in. Even with a burglar alarm being triggered, burglars know they have ample time to steal what they need if there is nobody home to disturb them.

So instead of flagging the fact that the house is vacant, create the illusion that someone is there - by investing in light timers that switch lights on at specific times during the evening, or by leaving a radio or TV on. If you are away for an extended period, ask a neighbor to move your post and open/close your curtains to portray activity. Oh, and if you still have a milkman, make sure to cancel the deliveries while you’re gone (nothing says I’m away like bottles of sour milk on a doorstep!)


4.    Relying on a Single Security System

Though a single burglar alarm can do a lot to defend a property, it's worth noting that the most secure homes are the ones that incorporate a number of different security measures at once. Why? Burglars are pretty smart these days and know how to quickly disable or minimize the impact of even the most sophisticated alarm system.

So for that reason it is worth investing in a CCTV system to further prevent and record suspicious activity. Equally motion-activated lighting is worthwhile to spook prowling criminals. Multiple security measures ensure that even if a burglar bypasses a single security measure, another will be ready to stop them in their tracks or alert relevant people.

Get a quote for an alarm or CCTV installation from one of our regulated alarm installers.


5.    Leaving Valuables Visible


The last thing you want to do is give burglars an incentive to try breaking into your home. Make sure that you place any expensive items out of the view of the windows so that the outside world can't see your fortune simply when they pass by. At the same time, keep incredibly valuable items like jewelry hidden away in safes so that they are secure even if someone manages to make their way into your home. Investing in a home safe can prevent burglars from stealing high value items.


6.    Forgetting the Alarm

Burglar Alarms

Finally, as per the points above, one of the most important security measures you can take when it comes to protecting your home is to install high-quality security alarm. We always recommend a monitored burglar alarm where possible or at the very least one that will automatically SMS the key holder once activated. There alarm options available for all budgets – but you will need to get a PSA authorised alarm installer to install them if you are not doing it yourself.  

All that said, an alarm is only good if you actually arm it! It sounds pedantic but you’d be amazed how many homeowners don’t activate their alarms when they leave home. And when they get broken into ? D’Oh! Explain that one to the family…

Onlinetradesmen.ie has a nationwide network of approved alarm installers. Submit your job and get a quote for the supply and fit of alarms or CTTV systems that meet your budget!


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