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How much does a plumber cost in 2020?

For common household plumbing jobs, knowing what you're likely to pay for a plumbing repair or upgrade can help you plan and budget.

Expect to pay more if you are living in Dublin or Cork, as the cost of living and labour shortages for skilled tradesmen often means that plumbing costs are higher in major cities.

Some plumbers may charge a call-out fee. For example, in Dublin a call-out fee can range from €90– €100 and hourly rates from €35 – €45 per hour.

Outside of Dublin, call-out fees range from €75 - €90 with hourly rates from €30 – €40 per hour. These price estimates exclude VAT.

However, some plumbers’ price according to the overall cost of the job and absorb call-out fees into the total quote.

If you are seeking an after-hours service, call-out fees can start from €30 in rural areas and increase to as much as €110 excluding VAT. However, many plumbers only apply a premium fee when call-outs are very late in the evening or on weekends.

Ask The Expert

To understand how plumbers charge we asked two Onlinetradesmen members to provide pricing for common plumbing problems, tips to understanding how plumbers charge and what homeowners should look out for when seeking a quote.

"Plumbers don’t typically take into account travel time, property access or parking availability when quoting for a one-off service. However, if quoting for a project, then this will be factored into the overall price for the job,” says Paul Grealis from GP Heating and Plumbing

When shopping around for a plumbing specialist, Paul advises homeowners to make sure they are getting a qualified individual who will provide a comprehensive service at a fair price.

"There are too many boiler services that just get an energy performance analysis without proper tests and checks completed on expansion vessels, safety and radiator valves,” says Paul. "When a homeowner hires a plumber they should get it done once and get it done right."

Michael Keaney from JMK Plumbing and Heating recommends that homeowners ask for references before accepting a plumbing quote “Requesting a reference, from the last job or work similar to that being quoted is expected", say Michael. "If you are dealing with a reputable plumber, this won't be a problem.” 

Before you hire a plumber, remember to ask to see their qualifications and references.  You can find out more about plumbers, their qualifications and what services they provide here.


Plumbing Jobs Price Guide

Following is a price guide on the most common plumbing jobs posted via Onlinetradesmen. 

These price ranges are estimates only. To get an accurate plumbing quote for your job please go to our plumbers section.

Job Details

Price Range

(price range excludes parts, materials & VAT)

Leaking Tap Replace or repair a tap €75 - €125 1hr
Bathroom Sanitary Ware update only Changing sanitary ware (bath, toilet, sink taps and fitting without moving existing plumbing connections) Tiling and electrics not included. €800 - 1400 1-2    days
Replacing Electric Shower Installing new unit without moving existing connections  (electrician also required for connection to power) €400 - €450 1 day
Boiler Service Visual checks include flue ways and terminal, combustion air checks. Standing pressure at meter and appliance checks. Gas seal test, clean fan and burner. Flue flow and spillage test. €80 - €120 40mins-1hr
Radiator Repair

Broken valves, leaking radiator or unit not heating.

Changing radiator valves includes draining down heating system and replacing inhibitor when refilling. 

€130 - €160 1hr - 2hrs
Replace Radiator Replace or upgrade existing radiator unit €400 - €450 2hrs - 3hrs
Replace Toilet Supply and fit standard toilet €400 - €450 1hr - 2hrs
Improve Water Pressure Repair water pump  €120 - €150 1hr - 2hrs


With over 25 years experience, Paul Grealis from GP Heating and Plumbing services both Dublin and Kildare regions and offers a range of plumbing services including solar thermal solutions and wood burning stove installations. View GP Heating and Plumbing ratings here or contact direct.

With over 20 years experience, Michael Keaney from JMK Plumbing and Heating services both Mayo and Galway regions. His team, who includes son Brendan, offers both plumbing and heating services plus a focus on renewable energy systems. View JMK Plumbing and Heating ratings here or contact direct.

Alternatively, you can post a plumbing and heating job via Onlinetradesmen.




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