How to paint the exterior of your home to increase it's value.

Of the various things that can be used to increase your home's value - few things are more important than the concept of curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of the exterior of your property, and it's the thing that helps to draw potential buyers in to view your home. While it may seem shallow - many people still judge a home by what it looks like on the outside - particularly if they're not in the market for what might seem to be a "fixer-upper".

From planting trees, to landscaping and installing new windows, there are various ways you can enhance the curb appeal of your property if you want to make an impact on buyers, but none are more dramatic, effective, and inexpensive than simply adding a splash of color. An effective use of paint on the exterior of your home can add thousands to its value. Not only does a good paint help to protect the materials of the home structure from the elements - but it makes the property seem more welcoming, in the hopes that buyers can more readily see themselves living there. 

A word to the wise however, while the below will outline how exterior house paint can maximise your homes value, it also assumes that it is applied correctly! If you don't have the necessary skill-set or time, we would advise getting a qualified painter in to do the job. It is likely less expensive that you think and you can get free painting and decorating quotes from our service here.

The Benefits of Your Exterior Paint Job

Exterior paint quotes

Done right, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way in creating a home that looks fantastic and compliments its surroundings. Just remember that a poorly painted property can also set your sale back too - which is why it's so crucial to be cautious about your choices, and techniques. In addition to helping you to command a higher sales price by enhancing the visual value of your property, a splash of color introduced through paint to the outside of your property can also provide the following advantages:

  • Lighter colors can help a home to appear larger, while dark accents draw attention to the most interesting parts of the property.
  • A great paint job can help your buyers to assume they won't have to worry about expensive repairs when considering your property. Homes that were last painted decades ago, or painted with poor colors can speak of deferred maintenance, and a need for further work before the house is ready.
  • Painting to add color is generally one of the most economical ways to improve the curb appeal of a building, and it requires less maintenance than a new garden!

One quick tip - there's a chance that your buyers will want to enquire about the quality of paint last used in the home - so it may be best to avoid saving a few pounds by sticking to the cheapest solution. The higher quality your paint job is, the more likely it is to draw positive attention - so if in doubt hire a qualified painter  from our service here.

Tips for Painting Your Home Exterior

Paint Home Tips

The exterior of most homes is usually in moderate, or decent shape to begin with, which means that it won't take much to enhance your property. A great result can be accomplished with something like small accents - such as painting exterior shutters or trims a different color. In other circumstances, however, you might decide that the entire house would benefit from a new coat of paint. Get quotes from qualified painters for free here to see how much it will cost you.

Today's modern homeowners benefit from a better situation than their predecessors because the internet can provide a wide range of design inspiration ideas with just a couple of clicks and a quick web search. By finding a few homes that you might find attractive online, you can get a better idea of what you'd like to accomplish with your own property. Just remember that choosing the right exterior paint will help to give your home the "clean" look it needs. Try considering the following tips during your project:

  • Select whites, neutral, or creams to appeal to the tastes of the largest number of buyers. While a few exciting colours might appeal to you, they won't necessarily be as attractive to the individuals you want to purchase your property.
  • Freshen the exterior by using darker, or more striking colours for the window frames, railings, trims, door, and other accents.
  • Consider adding a lick of paint to the windows and doors even if you decide against a complete exterior paint project, as even this can be enough to draw the attention of potential buyers.

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of painting your property yourself, why not get a quote from a professional exterior painter instead? 

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