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How to take the headache out of painting kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen is looking tired and shabby, but you don't have the budget for a new kitchen, don't despair.

Updating your kitchen cabinets with a coat of paint can transform your kitchen at a fraction of the price.

Wood cabinets are often thought to be the most likely candidate for a painted finish, but gloss or vinyl cabinets can also be stripped and prepped for a great painted finish too.

A painted kitchen can be either sprayed or hand-painted. In many cases a hand-painted kitchen finish is often the best. The benefits of getting your kitchen hand-painted also include:

  • Painting done onsite
  • Job completed in 2-3 days
  • Cheaper than spray-painting

The easiest and quickest way to get your kitchen transformed is to post a job at Onlinetradesmen.

We have qualified painters and decorators across Ireland ready to provide advice and a quote for your kitchen project, but your first step is to do a little homework before you post.


Know your kitchen cabinet paint options 

Paint options will vary, but you'll need to consider a durable product, one that is easy to clean and won't deteriorate over time.

Paint brands now offer quick drying and odourless options. Also, the type and brand of paint you decide to use will determine the overall cost of the project, so shop around.

Kitchen painting professionals will often make paint suggestions, but understanding the different options and finishes will ensure you are happy with your choice and the finished result.

Choose the right kitchen cabinet paint colour 

Choosing a cabinet paint colour is one of the most important decisions of the project (along with choosing the right tradesman - see below).

Get the paint colour wrong and it will be an expensive job getting the mistake corrected.

Explore different ideas across home improvement sites and review what you think will work for the size and aspect of your kitchen. For example, darker colours in a south-facing kitchen can often work in a light-filled space but beware if your kitchen is already dark or small.

If you have a desire to be on-trend, then two-tone kitchen colours have become popular.

For example, apply a neutral colour like white or beige to a section of the kitchen, then add a contrasting colour on the base of the kitchen island or wall units.

Along with the cabinet paint colour, you'll also need to consider the painted finish. Painted finish options are typically matt, satin or gloss and colour options are endless.

With the right research, you'll be sure find a paint colour and finish that will work for you.


 Detail your kitchen cabinet painting requirements 

When posting a job, be sure to include aspects of your project like:

  • Intention to change handles
  • Condition of the units
  • Type of unit i.e. wood, vinyl, gloss

This type of detail will get you a better response and a more accurate quote.

If you are planning to upgrade your splashback, rearrange cabinets or install a new kitchen worktop, include this detail in your job post, as many Onlinetradesmen professionals will have a range of skills to get the project completed to your specification.

The kitchen cabinet painting process 

When on-site, your tradesman will typically provide the following service:

  • Cover and protect all non-painted areas
  • Remove cabinet doors and draws (including draw fronts) and handles
  • Degrease surfaces, repair, fill (if required) and sand
  • Apply primer (if required)
  • Apply one (or two coats) of paint colour of your choice.
  • Put kitchen back together
  • Clean-up, removing waste and materials

Choosing the right tradesman to paint kitchen cabinets 

Following these steps will help you find the right tradesmen for your job.

1. Know the specification of your job

The above is a guide on what you should know before you start searching for tradesmen. When posting your job make sure to include as much detail as possible.

2. Ask for references and examples of jobs completed

Make sure the tradesman you select to paint your kitchen cabinets has the specific skills required and can demonstrate recent work done. Ask for references. Previous customers have rated many Onlinetradesmen members and you can view their ratings via their websites.

3. Ask for details on how they intend to do the job

Don't hesitate to ask for details on who and how many people will be onsite, job duration and intended process. A trade professional will have no problem providing you this detail.

4. Ask for a written quote

Materials and labour should be provided in the quote provided. It should also be clear on who is supplying paint and any other items required to prepare surfaces.  It's always good to have a written agreement in place before work commences. Download this sample contract to help you get started and post a job today.

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