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Meet the Expert: Emergency Electrical Advice with Lynch EK Property Maintenance.

In the event of an electrical emergency or problem, a registered and qualified electrician is your safest route to help diagnose and fix electrical issues in the home.

Onlinetradesmen member Eoin Kenny, director of Lynch EK Property Maintenance offers all aspects of Electrical work for both domestic & commercial sectors. 

During Ireland’s national level 5 restrictions, Eoin and his team continue to offer a range of electrical services including ECSSA (Electrical Contractors Safety & Standards Association) electrical work and emergency assistance across Dublin and surrounding areas.

This month we ask Eoin to share with us his knowledge on home electrical emergencies, plus common electrical problems and what to do when an electrical emergency happens.


Onlinetradesmen (OLT): What is an emergency electrical service?

Eoin Kenny: Electrical emergencies can range from power outages, switches tripping, broken switches or even sparks coming from electrical items. 


OLT: What are common electrical problems around the home?

Eoin Kenny: Electrical problems can range from a circuit tripping due to an overloaded circuit or a fault within that circuit, switches or sockets not working, blown fuses, faulty circuit breakers or electric showers not working.


OLT: What is the first thing a homeowner should do when they encounter an electrical problem?

Eoin Kenny: If your home has an old-style fuse board and an electrical problem occurs, it is important to call a qualified electrician to work through the fault, as often an older system is hazardous and can pose a danger to the homeowner.

If your home has a modern consumer unit also known as a fusebox a homeowner may be able to reset a ‘tripped’ circuit by turning off the main switch and resetting the tipped circuit from ‘off’ to ‘on’.

If the circuit trips again, turn off the consumer unit’s main switch and check the suspect circuit by unplugging and switching off everything on that circuit to make sure it isn’t overloaded or a faulty appliance is not causing the problem. 

If the circuit trips again, then you will need an electrician to trace and fix the fault.

A homeowner mustn’t attempt an electrical repair unless they are qualified to do so. If a homeowner is trained in electrical repair, then they need to follow safety precautions, including turning off electricity using the mains switch before beginning any electrical jobs in the home.  




OLT: What should a homeowner do when the electricity goes out? 

Eoin Kenny: Normally when the electricity goes out, it’s typically isolated to one circuit within the property.

If the electricity goes out in the entire property, then this can be the result of a major fault or a local power outage. A local power outage is usually announced in local media to help inform homeowners.

It is recommended to call a registered electrical contractor to inspect the property if the issue is not a local power outage.


OLT: Please explain the types of electrical services you provide? 

Eoin Kenny: We have over 18 years’ experience in providing both registered and certified commercial and domestic-related electrical services, delivering the highest industry standards for our customers.

This can include installing lighting, new sockets or switches, power to security systems and structure cabling including rewiring projects.  

Our work on larger projects often means our team can be found on construction sites to commercial properties.

Our property maintenance service also includes general and emergency registered plumbing expertise – so you can say we are a one-stop-shop for homeowners who require both electrical and plumbing services when needed.

Eoin and his team pride themselves on delivering the highest standards of work which is evident when you view Lynch EK Maintenance ratings.

For your electrical needs you can call Lynch EK Property Maintenance direct on 086-2752374 or you can post a job via Onlinetradesmen.

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