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Meet the Expert – Tree Removal Services with Olympian Landscaping

Tree removal is an essential professional service for many homeowners across Ireland.

Oversized trees can often be hazardous to life and property during storms, especially those with overhanging branches near power lines. Overgrown trees can also damage a property’s boundary walls or even the foundations of a home.

Whether a tree needs to be cut back to control its size and growth or complete removal required due to health or position, homeowners will require the services of a qualified and insured tree surgeon.

With over 10 years of experience in tree care and tree surgery, Luke Doyle from Olympian Landscaping shares his advice with homeowners on the fundamentals of tree removal.

Luke has observed that homeowners often consider the removal of a tree when it is blocking light or is notably too high, but he advises that homeowners need to be more aware of trees on and adjacent to their properties before real problems strike.

The most common problem Luke encounters are trees growing too close to boundary walls or homes and advises that homeowners should take action on problematic trees before it’s too late.

“Many trees species like Leylandii Conifers, Cupressus macrocarpa and Sycamore, planted 20 or 30 years ago are now posing significant problems for property owners,“ says Luke.

“I have seen oversized trees encroaching on walls and other structures including damaging house foundations and plumbing. Often significant structural issues and costs could’ve been avoided if action was taken sooner.”

The Process of Tree Removal

When hiring a tree removal service, tree removal or stump removal are two options to consider.

Tree removal is the process of taking down the body of the tree, to as low to the ground as possible. Once the tree and waste are removed, the stump of the tree remains.

The stump can then be treated to prevent new growth with a herbicide.

Luke explains, “Divots are cut into the trunk and the herbicide is applied. The herbicide is a poison that kills the stump and the root ball. The process can take approximately 4-6 weeks, where eventually the stump can be easily broken down with an axe and the root ball removed.”

However, this treatment is poisonous and may affect not just the tree stump, but also surrounding non-targeted areas of the garden.

“Many of my clients are often reluctant to use poison to remove a stump due to possible health risks for pets and children,” says Luke.

Tree Stump Removal

In Luke’s experience, removing the tree stump is often the preferred option for homeowners. This is when the tree is felled and a stump grinder and other hand tools are used to remove the root ball from the ground.

“As with all tree and stump removals, the first part of the process involves removing the crown of the tree.”

“Depending on its size, the process also involves sectional tree felling, where we use ropes and harnesses to suspend into the canopy and cut using equipment like chainsaws and pruning shears.”

Luke goes on to explain, “if the tree branches cut-through power lines, then an ESB Networks Ireland request to cut off electricity during work will also be required.”

“When the removal of a tree coincides with garden landscaping, we often have a mini-digger onsite, which makes the whole process a lot quicker and easier but usually the removal of a tree can take approximately one day depending on its size.”


Tree Removal Costs

If you are seeking to reduce the height of a tree (known as tree topping) to control its size and growth, costs can range from €500-€800.

The cost of tree removal will depend on the size of the tree and can vary significantly. However, costs on average range from €800 for a medium-sized tree and can increase to as much as €2000 for the larger varieties. 

Access to the tree will also affect the cost, as poor access will add more time and complexity to the tree removal process.

If you decide to also remove the tree stump, the additional cost can range from €300-350, including the hire of a stump grinder. All pricing includes waste removal.

Luke Doyle is the founder and owner of Olympian Landscaping. Luke and his team offer highly skilled and knowledgeable landscaping and tree care services across Dublin.

To view Olympian Landscaping ratings click here or you can call Luke direct on 0851451758. Alternatively, you can post a tree surgery or landscaping job via Onlinetradesmen.



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