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Painting quotes: A handy checklist for homeowners

Irrespective of property size, an interior or exterior painting project is hard work, which is why many homeowners opt to hire a painting and decorating specialist for the job.

However, many painting and decorating specialists have different methods when quoting for work, which can make it difficult for homeowners to compare and contrast pricing.

A checklist to assist the quoting process.

The best way for a homeowner to get an accurate quote is to have the painting contractor do a site visit.

During a site visit, a homeowner should discuss expectations and as well as seek to understand the materials and processes required to get the job completed to specification.

A paint and decorating site survey should not be rushed, as it’s an opportunity for both the homeowner and the painting specialist to explore ideas, raise any potential issues or problems as well ensure all aspects of the job are included and priced accordingly.




Following is a homeowner checklist on what to ask or discuss during a painting and decorating site survey:


Interior painting:

  1. Specify exactly which items you want to be painted in the room - walls, doors, skirting, ceiling, window frames, cupboards, shelving etc. all need to be specified if these are the areas you want to be painted.
  2. If you are seeking interior painting for more than one room, then request a quote for each room. When the quote comes in and if your budget doesn’t stretch for the entire project – then you can decide quickly on what you want to cull from your decorating project.
  3. Specify or inquire about the recommended number of coats, quality of paint and amount of paint required for the finish you are seeking.
  4. Ask if surface priming is required and included.
  5. Ask the process of painting around windows, electrical sockets, radiators etc.
  6. Highlight repairs and ask how repairs will be carried out. Some repairs may require a specialist trade like a plasterer.
  7. Be clear about who is sourcing paints and other materials – if you are sourcing, then be sure you understand quantities and materials required before ordering.
  8. If the job includes the price of paint, then be clear about how colour selections will be made.
  9. Ask if moving and protecting furniture is included in the quote (if you want to move and protect furniture yourself – be sure to make this clear before the job starts)



Exterior painting:

  1. Specify which exterior items you want to be painted - including windowsills, doors, walls and any other metalwork or woodwork.
  2. Ask about the different paint and preparation work required - render and pebbledash will require a different painting technique, than brickwork or weatherboard.
  3. Highlight any repairs and ask how repairs will be carried out. Some external issues may require specialists trades like roofers, plasterers or damp proofing specialists.
  4. As per an interior painting project, be clear about who is sourcing paints and materials and the amount of paint required – discuss different colour schemes you might what to apply to trim, front door and other exterior elements.
  5. Ask about the hiring of equipment like scaffolding or spray-painting systems (spray painting is faster, but spraying paint can tend to hit the wrong places).
  6. To avoid an excessive mess, discuss the use of dust sheets and the protection of windows with paper or tape and the inclusion of cleaning up and removal of rubbish.



Before the site visits concludes ask for start dates, how long the job will take and for a written quote inclusive of VAT that contains what you have agreed during the site survey visit.

When hiring a painter be sure to ask for references. Public liability insurance is optional in Ireland but many painting contractors hold a valid policy which can help to remedy any accidental damage during the project.

While a painter and decorator will do their best to quote as accurately as possible, set aside a 10% contingency for any unforeseen expenses.

For FREE painting and decorating quotes from qualified and rated professionals, post a job with Onlinetradesmen today.

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