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The Artificial Grass Trend

Landscaping with artificial grass has been trending with Irish homeowners over the past couple of years. It's a landscaping solution that is practical for any size garden, can be shaped to integrate with outdoor paving or decking and is particularly good for transforming a dull bricked or concrete area into a green space.

Onlinetradesmen member Brendon Gleeson from 4EverGreen Landscaping has been very busy laying artificial grass this season. In his experience, homeowners are quick to see the benefits of getting artificial grass installed. “In Ireland, particularly around Dublin, soil density often results in a high rate of garden flooding. When laid correctly, artificial grass drains well and dries quickly, giving you a garden space you can use all-year-round.”


Artificial Grass Types

Gleeson works with four different types of grasses rated on pile height and shades. He will often advise his clients on the best product based on garden usage. “Young families or homeowners with pets are best served with a high impact grass product, whereas older clients or those with older children without pets can be recommended the plushness of a higher grade.”

“The beauty of the artificial grass we now install is that the fibres are ‘self-pop-up’ and no longer require a sand infill or brushing. Also, the look is very natural – almost like freshly cut grass. “ Says Gleeson.



Artificial Grass Advice

Gleeson strong advises homeowners to ensure that timber edging is not installed around the perimeter. “There are many providers around Dublin installing timber edging that will eventually rot. At 4EverGreen Landscaping we apply a wet pour of cement and sand around the perimeter, then nail and glue the turf into the perimeter to lock everything down.”

“Homeowners should be receiving a minimum 10-year guarantee, says Gleeson. If you are not getting this type of guarantee then you are probably not buying European Standard Grass, and getting a below standard product.”

4EverGreen Landscaping is Ireland’s Premier Artificial Grass Supplier and Installer who also specialises in paving and natural stone landscaping.



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