The Smart Home - Hottest Smart Home Trends in Ireland

The oft-mentioned Smart Home revolution might just be becoming a reality in 2018 across Irish homes. Here we discuss the hottest 'Smart Home' trends we've seen so far this year. 

What is a Smart Home?

At OnlineTradesmen.ie we've seen a  marked increased in the adoption of smart home devices by Irish property owners from the thousands of home improvement projects submitted for our member tradesmen.  Be it for  CCTV or security devices, smart heating controls or even simple USB charging points - the smart home surge appears to be as a result of consumers finally buying into the hype around the lifesyle / security improvements delivered by such smart devices. 

Here we outline the hottest smart home trends we've see so far in 2018:





Your Smart Home By Voice. 

Pioneered by Amazon with its  Amazon Echo device, home owners are adopting voice controlled smart devices in their droves.

Acting as the control 'Hub' for your smart home, they can control every aspect of your home including CTTV surveillance, controls for lighting, room temperature, door locks and more - all through a wireless connection, your voice and/or a connected smartphone app.

Convenience aside, the contention is also that such smart home devices will bring home security and utilty bill controls to a whole new level as you control everything in realtime. There are still some worrying security issues and teething issue that need to be ironed out for these devices however - but this is one area that will certainly prosper.

Take me to your vacum cleaner...Smart Home





Sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea and daydream as your home gets effortlessly cleaned from top to bottom as you relax.

That's the dream folks, and it could soon be possible for many.

We're not talking about an army of cleaners either, simply through using smart home housekeeping Robotics or Maidbots such as this one here called Rosie.  Robotics will slowly make its way into smart homes and become a living reality for many.

Entrpreneurs such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are backing the sector - with the latter allegedly building one for his own house. We just wonder if it will ever be smart enough to tackle the average Irish teenagers bedroom mess...

A Smart Home = An Efficient Home

If you haven't been bombarded by the terms 'Recycling', 'Carbon Footprint', 'Heating controls and efficency' over the last few years, you simply haven't been listening.

These concepts are now a reality as utility prices soar and home owners become more responsible for their, ehm, carbon footprint in the face of climate change with its resultant weather patterns.

We are seeing lots more smart home projects encompassing solar roofing, heat recovery systems, insultation on Onlinetradesmen.ie. In fact these are now becoming somewhat mainstream.

However, lesser known projects such as rain water harvesting are also now on our radar as the 2018 summer drought has brought home the reality of the need to secure a constant water supply regardless of what the folks in Irish water thrown at us. Money well spent too, we say.

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