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Tradesman Member Profile - Andrew Byrne - Landscaper / Gardener

'I honestly never stop learning, like the seasons landscaping is always evolving!'

Andrew Byrne, Blooming Success


OLT: Hi Andrew, let’s start with telling us how long you're in business. 
AB: My background is in horticulture and I have been working as a landscaper gardener since 2013. I started my company Blooming Success Landscaping 6 years ago. 

OLT: And what kind of jobs you do ?
As a landscaper the jobs we do vary differently, patio install, artificial grass, hedge planting, tree planting, lawn care, maintenance of large planted areas, tree care, garden revamps, fencing, patio washing, new planting scheme's, pond's installation

OTL: Sounds like you've a great range of skills and services. Are there any kind of projects you prefer, any favourite jobs? 
AB: As a Horticulturist I love planting, putting the right plants in the right place and getting good seasonal colours, while also adhering to what the client wants.  Too often you see bad planting schemes that maybe looked good going in but when they grow can look bad. I put alot of thought and planning into the clients wishes and their knowledge and ability to maintain the planting scheme as it matures.

OLT. Is there any project / job that you worked on that sticks out?
AB:  Last year I did a job using a lot of box ie: lollipops, pyramid and ball mixed with white hydrangea and low growing grasses with large planted lavender beds surrounded by a box hedge, everything matched and was  symmetrical.  Everything works in this with all year round interest from the smells of the lavender to shapes of lavender and the grass moving in the wind.

OLT: That sounds amazing. I'm sure the customer was very happy with that.  Do you have any tips on how to ensure customer satisfaction on a job?
AB: The most important thing is to listen to what the client wants. If they have an image of how they want their garden, it is very important to give it to them, while also giving them the best advice on functionality and current building regulations.

OLT: What would you say has been the most important lesson you've learnt over the years? 
AB:  I honestly never stop learning, like the seasons landscaping is always evolving!  During the last recession, I took time to learn and up skill. Like the majority I was hit hard, so instead of giving out about it, I turned my passion for plants into a professional skill.

OLT:  What advice would you give to someone starting out now in the trade and given the current climate?
AB:    I would say get all the help you can, network,  join trade groups, ask other professionals for advice.  And above all get your clients to review you. The Onlinetradesmen ratings system has been an easy way for me to build up credibility with potential customers. 

OLT: How has OnlineTradesmen helped your business?
AB:  Because online tradesman only accepts professionals it has given people who choose this service peace of mind in knowing that they are hiring a professional that will work to high standards without compromise.

Check out Blooming Success's  Member Profile to learn more and get in touch with Andrew.

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