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Tradesman Member Profile - Kestas Salkauskas - Bathroom contractor

'When I see a customer smiling when a job is completed and I know I did the best job I could, I'm incredibly proud to think I did that!

Kestas Salkauskas, Diamond Bath

OLT: Hi Kestas tell us how long have you been in business.
KS: I trained and qualified 16 years ago. I've run my own company for 12 years, offering a complete bathroom design and fit out service. 

OLT: Do you have any preferred projects or type of work?
KS: My favorite projects are the ones when I understand what the customer wants and can use all my experience, fantasy and ideas.  I get so much satisfaction on the projects where I know I've used all my skills to make a customer happy. 

OLT: Are there any jobs in particular that stands out and gave you a great sense of pride and satisfaction? 
KS: Honestly, when I see a customer smiling when a job is completed and I know I did the best job I could, I'm incredibly proud to think I did that!

OLT:  So how do you approach a job to ensure the customer is smiling!? 
KS: Of course the quality of my work is important but I would say that developing a good relationship  with the customer is a priority. From the first appointment, I listen to their needs and try to understand what's important to them. I offer suggestions and recommendations to them where I can.  Then once the job starts, every morning, I explain the work plan for that day.  So the customer knows what to expect that day. If the work is noisy or dusty that day they may prefer not to be in the house, for example if they have some allergies.  I know from experience that by considering the customer and sharing the plans, they appreciate it and are more understanding.  

OLT: Do you have any advice on to stay afloat during economic downturns?
KS: Firstly I looked at making savings on costs and investments.  I also did the best I could to offer friendly prices for customers but without compromising quality. This means work goes on longer but I can maintain quality workmanship to make customers happy.  I've also been very open to new ideas and innovation wherever needed. 

OLT: What’s the most important lesson you learnt in your career so far?
KS: Good communication from the first meeting is very important.  At the initial appointment, I discuss plans with the customer, listen to their needs and offer suggestions and ideas to help them get the best possible solution.  Then I explain the workplan and detail all payments for works.  I would also say remaining calm in times of difficulty, and finding solutions to issues is something  customers really value. It shows that you are a professional.

OLT:  You've built up a great business Kestas - do you have any advice for someone starting out now?
KS: Think, don't be afraid, be open to innovation and work hard!

OLT:  And lastly, you've been a member of Onlinetradesmen for many years in fact from the early years of starting your business. How would you sum up what OnlineTradesmen has done for your business?
KS:  I have found so many new clients through the service and it's really helped me particularly in difficult times. 

Check out Diamond Bath's profile to view his excellent ratings and get in touch with Kestas.

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