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'My work has to be 100%'

Paul Grealis, GP Heating and Plumbing

Kildare based plumber Paul Grealis from GP Heating and Plumbing has a huge range of experience, especially in renewable energies and wood burning stove installations. We're delighted to feature him as he's one of our top rated plumbers on the services with excellent 5* ratings. Paul spoke to us this month to share his advice on building up a good customer base and getting repeat customers. 


OLT: How long have you been working for yourself? 
PG:  Well I trained almost 25 years ago and have worked for myself for over 20 years now.  

OLT: What type of projects / jobs do you do? 
PG:  I do all types of plumbing and heating jobs and have many domestic / commercial maintenance contracts.  I've also alot of experience in renewable energies.

OLT: What are your favourite projects / jobs & Why?
PG:  I really enjoy working on new builds, for example installing underfloor heating. Having said that however, I love working directly with a customer and I get great satisfaction out of helping a customer who is in trouble and I can help sort out their issue. 

OLT: How to you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction? 
PG: That first call to a customer is so important and by that I mean being polite and seeing if i can fix the issue over the phone. Respecting the customer is vital -  my work has to 100% and if I find another issue, I'll always advise the customer. 

OLT: How did you manage to stay afloat during the recession ? 
PG: When it hit, I did some site work but then went to the UK. I set up a business in renewable energies over there which went very well. There's no place like home however, so I moved back here a few years ago. I did some work for others and then went back out on my own again. 

OLT: What’s the most important lesson you learnt in your career so far?
PG: To keep at it and ensure my workmanship is 100%. If I can't produce for a customer, I've learnt that honesty is the best policy, again it comes back to respecting the customer. It's paid off as I have a good customer base now and about 30% repeat business. 

OLT: How would you sum up what OnlineTradesmen has done for your business? 
PG: I'm now getting about 50% of my business from the Onlinetradesmen service. I find it's better than other services I've tried.  I find the website really good and many homeowners have commented to me that they also find it nice and simple to use. 

OLT: What advice would you give to someone starting out now in the trade? 
PG: Don't spread yourself too thin by working for the sake of it. Work on your cost base and price jobs correctly.  Consider asking a customer for a deposit on larger jobs - not only does it help cash flow allowing you to pay your invoices, in my experience it builds a trusted relationship with the customer. 

Visit Paul's website and check out his ratings here

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