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The best times of year to find a tradesman for home improvement

Finding tradesmen for home improvement or maintenance work has been made easy with Onlinetradesmen. You can generally post a job any time of year and get responses and free quotes from qualified and rated trade professionals.

However, due to homeowner demand at specific times of the year, like First Communions or Confirmations or even the rush to have the house looking perfect for Christmas -  plus the seasonal nature of some projects, trade professionals may not always be immediately available when you want or need a service.

To help you keep one step ahead, we have created this handy guide on the best months of the year to get work done in and around the home.




Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

End of year is often a busy time for bathroom installers and kitchen fitters, but once the dust settles, the new year is a good time to make contact if you are seeking a remodel or upgrade.

Who: BuildersCarpenter, Bathroom Installers, Kitchen Fitters



Hardscaping or Decking

Outdoor trades have less work in January, which makes it a good time to start a brick patio, build or repair a stone wall or get your decking project done.

Who: Carpenters, Stone Masons




Exterior Painting & Decorating

The weather might not be perfect, but if you want to beat the rush, then February is an excellent opportunity to hire a painting & decorating professional to start an exterior painting project.

Who: Painters & Decorators


Tree Removal

Qualified tree surgeons get very busy later in the year – especially during the August-September storm season. So posting a job for tree maintenance or a tree health check (especially prudent for deciduous trees prior to the growing season) will help you avoid any potential tree hazards.

Who: Tree Surgeons





Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Due to the mild Irish climate, garden design & planting can generally happen at any time of the year, but demand for gardeners and landscapers starts to increase come spring and peaks around August & September.

If you want to start a landscaping project or need maintenance work like fence repairs or a rainwater butt installed, March is a good time to make contact.

Who: GardenersLandscapers





Wall and Attic Insulation

As the cooler months approach, demand naturally picks up for insulation and plastering specialists. If you are serious about reducing your energy bills next winter, then posting a job in April or earlier will get you on the road to a more energy-efficient home.

Who: Insulations Specialists, Plasterers




Make your home more secure

PSA registered electricians and security specialists tend to get very busy towards the end of the year, as security and home surveillance demand increases when the days become shorter. If you are seeking to install or upgrade home security, May is a good time to act.

Who: Security Specialists



Roof repair, maintenance or replacement

The second half of the year is a busy time for roofing specialists, so if you have identified a problem with your roof then May is a good time to get it seen to. To avoid any unexpected issues, May is also a good month to invest in an annual roof inspection as part of a roof maintenance regime or to book in a roof replacement.

Who: Roofers





Summer Boiler Service

It’s during autumn and winter when plumbing and heating specialists are in demand, so to avoid a heating system failure you when you need it most, summer is a great time to post a job for a summer boiler service.

Who: Plumbing and Heating Specialists





Interior Painting & Decorating

When Irish school summer holidays are in play, many families will avoid further chaos by starting an interior decorating project. However, if you are brave enough, then July is a good time to find a painter and decorator for a room or home transformation.

Who: Painter & Decorator




Avoid Plumbing Repairs

Like heating specialists, plumbers tend to get very busy during the colder months. August is the perfect time to keep your home's plumbing in tip-top shape and avoid peak season plumbing problems like clogged drains, toilet, leaky faucets and pipes and any other potential issues.

Who: Plumbers




Winter House Extensions & Attic Conversions

Due to Ireland's mild winters, a home extension or attic conversion is possible all-year-round however, many homeowners still prefer to have their building work done during the warmer months. This generally means you’ll find builders a little more eager to tender once September arrives.

Who: Builders, Attic Specialists





Handymen Jobs

October is the perfect opportunity to get curtains hanged, a shed repaired, flatpack furniture built or external pipes insulated before the cold weather sets in.

When you post a handyman job, they are more than happy to deliver on a range of smaller household maintenance and repair services - just when you need a little help.

Who: Handymen





Planting and Garden Maintenance

November is the perfect time for garden jobs like bare root planting and sewing spring bulbs. Demand for landscape gardeners tapers off during the winter months, so it’s a good time to post a job and get your garden ready to enjoy in the warmer months.

Who: Gardeners


Installing Christmas Lights

If you wait until December to post a job for organising your external Christmas lights and decorations, you might just miss out. Post a job in November, then all you need to do is flick a switch when the festivities commence.

Who: Electricians




Find a Tradesman

Many trade professionals can be busy finishing home improvement jobs for clients in the rush to Christmas. If you are seeking a price estimate or scoping a project, then you are more likely to get a response the closer you are to Christmas, as tradesmen will be seeking to fill their work schedule for the new year.

Who: All Trades - Get a Quote



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