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Kitchen Extension Build Costs 2021

A home that offers plenty of kitchen space for living and dining is why kitchen extension and renovation projects continue to be one of the more popular jobs on the Onlinetradesmen service.

However, you’ve probably heard that the price for a kitchen extension along with all other construction and home improvement projects, is on the rise in 2021.

In this post we aim to guide you on the average price to build a kitchen extension, as well as an overview of building works required, to assist your kitchen extension planning and budgeting process.




Kitchen Extension Build Costs

As a general rule, a quote received for a kitchen extension generally includes the following components:

  • Groundworks and foundations
  • Superstructure (the building built above the foundation)
  • First fix (including wall construction, floors and ceilings, and inserting cables for electrical supply and pipes for water supply)
  • Second fix & second fix carpentry (This includes finishing work, which is generally done after plastering, like fitting floorboards and architraves, doors and windows)

Note: Depending on the build finished quoted, second fix services may be excluded - always check what is included in the build quote.

One of the essential components of a kitchen extension build is to seamlessly integrate the new building with the existing home. This will include creating a structural opening (often supported with a steel beam) to allow access to the proposed extension area as well as flashing the extension to the existing building to provide a correct weathering connection.

The following is a guide based on what Irish homeowners are getting quoted via the service in 2021:


Single storey extensions: plan from around €1,300 per m² ex Vat for building work for a basic single-storey extension. (Read our house extension cost report to find out more.)


A more custom extension with bespoke windows, complete with lighting fixtures, standard electrics and heating installed will cost from €1,900 to €2,200 per m² ex Vat.


For extensive renovation work and higher specification finishes, fixings including flooring, expect to pay from €2600 to €3,000 per m² ex Vat.


Allowance for demolition, structural alterations, and connection to existing house; expect to pay between €6,900 – €10,000 ex Vat.


Redesigning work, such as reworking an interior layout start from €390 per m² ex Vat.


How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

When receiving quotes for your kitchen extension build, you will also need to budget for a new kitchen including installation and appliances. Some builders will not fit kitchens, others will offer kitchen installation services and will offer a quote in addition to the construction work.

Kitchens can start from as little as €2,400, however, a recent quote obtained for a standard kitchen of approximately 7 meters starts from €6,500, excluding appliances and accessories.

If you are on a tight budget, managing the cost of a new kitchen can be accomplished by choosing a laminate or wood worktop. Added draws, pullout pantries and high-spec accessories will add to the cost.

Many qualified carpenters offer custom made, bespoke kitchen services at reasonable prices too. (Read ‘Carpenters – What they do and what they cost’ to find out more.)





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