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Meet the Expert: 2021 Patio Paving Ideas & Price Guide with Olympian Landscaping

A paved patio can connect your home’s interior to the exterior as well as act as an extension of your living area. It’s a place where a homeowner can relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors.

Enhancing a garden with a paved patio is one of the more popular jobs posted to the Onlinetradesmen service.

This month with chat with Luke Doyle from Olympian Landscaping on top tips for homeowners, current trends and what to budget if you are planning a patio in 2021.


Position, Position, Position.

There are many things to consider when planning a patio. However, positioning and layout play a big role in the planning process.

“In Ireland, the perfect place to position your garden patio is where the sun shines the longest”, recommends Luke. “However, privacy or views may also determine a patio’s position”.

Top Tip: The position of your patio will likely determine how often the space will get used and its value to the homeowner.


Size Matters

The size of a patio will be very much determined by what space is available and its intended use.

“For many homeowners, the size of a patio to host family dining is going to have different size requirements compared to a space that is purely for lounging,” says Luke.

Top Tip: The size of your patio ideally needs to be big enough to fit the desired furniture and walk around that furniture comfortably.




Patio Paving Price Guide

What you’ll pay for patio paving will be determined by a few different factors. These included:

  • Property Access
  • Patio Size
  • Materials
  • Quality of finish

To compare like-with-like, determine your style and paving material before requesting quotes from qualified paving professionals.

If your property has tricky garden access or your design is intricate with different borders, steps and your paving material requires much cutting, then your project will take longer and incur extra labour costs.

“When creating a paved patio, groundwork is required to create a solid foundation. This includes removing turf and digging to around 150mm then spreading hardcore (crushed rock) to a depth of approx. 60mm and a compactor used for stability. This is then followed by a mortar bed (sharp sand, cement and water) finished with your choice of paving complete with either cement pointing or jointing sand,” advises Luke.




Your choice of paving will also determine the size of the budget you’ll need for your paving project. The cheapest paving material you can choose is gravel followed by concrete slabs or imprinted concrete. The mid-priced materials include cobble block, limestone or sandstone slabs. The more expensive end of paving is granite or porcelain.

“A backlog in demand, severe material delays and a rise in the cost of freight have all impacted the patio paving sector in 2021,” explains Luke. “It is expected that Ireland will continue to see a shortage of limestone and sandstone throughout the summer. However, some of the larger scale tile merchants are still able to supply materials like porcelain tiles and granite slabs.”

“Every project is different when we prepare a paving quote. However, paved patios prices in 2021 tend to start at around €150 per square metre,” says Luke. "When we price for a job, we include all aspects of the job, such as equipment, labour and the removal of rubbish upon completion.”

Top Tip: When budgeting for a paved patio, always budget for labour, materials, machinery and waste removal as well as the cost of the tiles you choose.


Style and Pattern Trends

Neutral or natural colours are very much trending this year including grey paving, which looks great when coordinated with colour from plants and garden furniture accessories.

“Large porcelain tiles are very popular with Irish property owners. Porcelain tiles offers a sleek and contemporary look, especially when combined with a clean patio edge,” says Luke. “Porcelain is hardwearing and virtually maintenance-free, which is also very appealing for many homeowners too.”

“Silver granite tiles combined with black or two-tone granite cobblestone edging is also trending. Granite is hardwearing and because it's a very hard non-porous stone, it's not prone to staining, moss or algae growth, which makes for a low maintenance option with compared with sandstone or limestone paving," says Luke.

Top Tip: Grey tiling is currently a very popular patio colour and the consensus is that the trend will continue. For something different try mixing different shades of grey to create contrast and depth.




Luke Doyle is the founder and owner of Olympian Landscaping. Luke and his team offer highly skilled and knowledgeable landscaping and patio paving services across Dublin. To view Olympian Landscaping ratings click here or you can call Luke direct on 0851451758. Alternatively, you can post a paving or a landscaping job via Onlinetradesmen.

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