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The boiler service cost rip-off in Ireland

How to avoid getting ripped off for that Boiler service.


Getting your boiler serviced is essential. But how much to pay?


The truth is there has never been so much choice. Large utility companies such as Bord Gais Energy and Airtricity are bombarding customers with radio ads along with direct mail attached to customers' energy bills - while lots of sole traders are advertising online. However, a recent nationwide survey conducted by Onlinetradesmen shows that there are savings of over 50% to be gained by simply shopping around!

For a domestic gas boiler service, carried out by an RGII registered contractor, our survey found a nationwide average cost of €92 for labour only - excluding parts, materials and VAT. Costs vary between urban and rural areas with Dublin and surrounding counties being among the most expensive locations. It showed some rural areas with prices as low as €80 for comparable services.


For an accurate boiler service price, request a FREE quote here from our network of qualified Heating and Plumbing Professionals.


The most expensive providers included large energy utility companies who deliver boiler services as part of their ancillary offerings. Of these Bord Gáis Energy's full boiler care plan had prices starting from €99 plus €9 a month on direct debit with little added value.

So it's clear that there is a large discrepancy in prices charged by service providers for a standard boiler service. While it is important that property owners get their boiler serviced once a year, you also need to shop around to ensure you are not getting ripped off.

With the sector now regulated all contractors must be registered by law, so it is easy to compare prices. The main utility companies actually subcontract the work out to sole traders anyway - so often you are getting the same service for a lower price!




What to expect from a Boiler service

An average gas boiler service should take just over 1 hour with a series of standard checks being carried out. A basic service will consist of a full check of the boiler with the contractor assessing the physical condition of the appliance, installation pipework, air vents and any flues for deterioration. They will carry out performance tests and take any necessary remedial action. This should include a combustion efficiency test. 


Why get your boiler serviced?

Regular gas boiler servicing ensures the safety of your appliance and reduces the potential for Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the home. A regular gas boiler service is also proven to improve the efficiency and performance of a boiler which can result in reduced heating bills for homeowners.

Read "Boiler Service - How you know you need one."

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