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Trade Pro Member Profile - Cork Plumber - Owen Murphy

'Listen to what the client has to say first, as they are the one wanting the work done.'

Owen Murphy, Owen Murphy Plumbing


OLT:  Tell us a bit about yourself Owen 

OM: I qualified as a plumber in 2001 and have been working for myself for 3 years.
I'm a Corkonian through and through, I live in the capital of Ireland but I guess Dublin would dispute that one "there's only one Keano!" 


OLT: What type of jobs do you do?    

OM: Bathroom refits are most common, as in totally rearranging locations of ware, taking out baths and replacing with shower tray. I also do many heating jobs, new copper cylinder swap outs, immersion replacements, swapping old radiators for new, attic conversions involving moving tanks in an attic to make space. So everything you can think of really! 


OLT: Are there any jobs you enjoy doing? 

OM: I like doing bathroom refits. I love transferring old tired-looking bathrooms into new up-to-date quality bathrooms. 


OLT: Throughout the pandemic, we've seen a strong trend in bathroom renovations alright. People are splashing out (excuse the pun!) on bathroom upgrades. 

OM: For sure, a quality bathroom can bring a bit of luxury into a home. 


OLT: Is there any project that you worked on that stands out?

OM: Yes, I did a full heating job and two full bathrooms in a house in Crosshaven in Cork. It was an old house that the customer's father had built years & years ago, well before I was born anyway! I had to strip out all the old radiators, pipework and the old ware from the bathrooms and start afresh. As it was an old house, it had oil heating and a new oil boiler needed to be installed out the back. The back of the house had the most amazing view of the sea which was the perk of the job.


OLT: A very special place - you don't get that view every day at work! You've been consistently getting 5-star ratings since you joined Onlinetradesmen. How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?

OM: I would meet the client at their address, listen to what the client has to say first as they are the people wanting the work done.  I then give my advice based on my experience, maybe changing or tweaking things that they may not normally think of. Once they're happy, then I can proceed with the job at hand knowing we're on the same page. 


OLT: Were you affected by the last recession Owen?

OM: I worked for a company at the time which I was lucky to do, although I was not working constantly. I'd say I was in the same boat as any other construction worker, I'm just glad I stuck at plumbing as I know some other friends in other trades left their trade. It has all worked out well for me in the end. 


OLT: What's the most important lesson you learnt in your career so far? 

OM: Always trust your gut instinct. If in doubt you will always find the knowledge from other jobs you have been on. Take a moment and say to yourself "I have been in this situation before and learned from it. I'm in the same situation now and I know what needs to be done." Have confidence in your experience and ability.  


OLT: What advice would you give to someone starting out in the trade?    

OM: Listen, listen & more listening. Your brain is a sponge, soak up all that knowledge from other guys and use it to your advantage.


OLT: How has Onlinetradesmen helped your business?

OM: Tremendously, membership has given me a wider range of clients and I'm earning a lot more money. Also, I had to buy a new snickers pants and they don't come cheap! It was great to get a discount on them with my Handyhardware discounts! 


OLT: Great to talk to you today Owen - keep up the great work! 

Visit Owen Murphy Plumbing profile and view their customer ratings.

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