How it works


  1. Submit Your Job
  2. Simply fill in our job submission form - along with the details of your project. It's simple, fast and free.

  3. Get Quotes from Tradesmen
  4. Interested Tradesmen and Builders will read your job details and reply online. They don't receive your personal details but up to 3 Tradesmen can call you to discuss your project. We'll send you an email and SMS once you start getting online replies.

  5. Compare & Hire
  6. You can view all your tradesmen replies online and compare them to find the best one for you. You will see ratings for each Tradesman as provided by other property owners to help you decide. Once you have decided, you simply hire your preferred Tradesman

  7. Return and Rate Your Tradesman
  8. After your job has been completed we will contact you to ask you to come back and rate your Tradesman for other property owners.


Frequently Asked Questions


You simply submit your job for free here. We then send the details of your job to qualified tradesmen in your area. Those that are interested will respon via our system - giving you multiple quotes from Tradesmen to compare online. For more information go back to our see the 'How it works' section above.

Yes. As a property owner you can submit jobs and get replies back from qualified tradesmen for free. We make our money by charging our tradesmen members a small membership fee.

We ensure that all our members hold an industry recognised qualification and/or are registered with the relevant regulatory body before they can join our service. This ensures that our members have a qualification and, where they work in a regulated sector (e.g Gas, Electrical), they are registered with the relevant regulator as required by law. By using our service each property owner user must agree that they are personally satisfied with a tradesman prior to hiring them. You can view our full terms of service here.

Once a tradesman replies to your job we will send you a SMS to your mobile phone and an email to your email address. Each will provide the details of how to access your replies on our system. For this reason it is important that you provide us with your correct contact details.

After you receive your first reply, we will send you an email for each subsequent reply. Up to a maximum 3 tradesmen can also call you after they have sent their online replies - this ensures that you get the best possible response rates for your job.

Simply go to the 'Check Your Replies' section of the site and enter the email address that you provided when you submitted your job. There you can see your job details and all your tradesmen replies to it.

By default Tradesmen will only see the details of your job and your general location. Once a tradesman has replied to you via our system only you can initiate direct contact with your preferred tradesman to hire them. However, in order to provide you with the fastest response rate, we will also facilitate up to a maximum of 3 tradesmen to follow up their online reply with a phone call to you. In this way we can be sure that you get a quick response and can discuss your project with available local tradesmen.

Please note: We recommend that you also check the online reply from each tradesman regardless of whether you have spoken to them or not. By doing so you can see their online profiles and ratings from other property owners prior deciding whether to hire them.

Once you have accessed all your replies you need to decide which is your preferred Tradesman. From the 'Check Your Replies' section we provide you with a listing of replies from every tradesman - along with their pricing, ratings from previous property owners and a link to their member profile website. The latter provides you with background information on each tradesman, shows you photos of work they have completed, and gives you their contact details. By using a combination of all this information you should be able to choose your 'best fit' for your project.

Please ensure that you are personally satisfied that any tradesman can complete your project to your satisfaction prior to hiring them as per our terms of service.

We operate a locked rating system whereby property owners who have hired one of our tradesmen members can rate them for other property owners to see.  This allows property owners to promote good tradesmen to other property owners. Equally, it also allows property owners to warn other property owners off tradesmen who have not met their requirements. Our rating system is locked down so that only previous users can leave ratings for our tradesmen.

Tradesmen are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars for a variety of criteria. 5 stars is the highest rating available.

Simply go to the 'Check My Replies' section and enter the email address that you provided when you submitted your job. Click on your project from the list to see all your tradesmen replies. Click on the 'Hire this Tradesman' button for the tradesman you wish to hire.

Simply go to the 'Check My Replies' section and enter the email address that you provided. Click on your project and then see the 'Close My Job' link at the top of the page. Click on this link to close your job.

Go to the 'Check My Replies' section and enter the email address that you provided. Click on your project and see the list of your replies from each tradesman. Click on the 'Rate This Tradesman' button for the tradesman that you wish to rate.

If you want to complain about a tradesman that you have hired from our service, please leave a valid rating on their account. A poor rating ensures that others become aware of any issues with a particular member. All ratings are validated by our staff.

Ratings are permanent but a tradesman does have the right to object where they feel it is not justified. In such a case we will provide an objective mediation based on the facts provided by both parties. Where a rating is upheld it will remain on a tradesman's account permanently. All disputes are governed by our terms of service.
All our Tradesmen are Verified as Qualified

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