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What is a Builder?

Before starting a building project, you’ll most likely begin by searching for a builder. A builder has broad knowledge across a range of construction disciplines and will often lead your project, recruiting and coordinating trades as and when required.

What does a Builder do?

  • Understand the technical aspects of construction. They will assess your project and explain what is involved and identify potential problems and recommend solutions
  • Assist with design and recommend a design professional if needed. Some builders offer design services, but most will require a set of drawings and plans either created by an architect or a design specialist
  • Offer a written contract which outlines the work, materials, timelines and cost estimates
  • Understand and comply with the latest building regulations and permissions as well as ensure that the construction site complies with safety standards
  • Communicate issues and problems in a timely and efficient manner and work to find a solution with minimum fuss
  • Coordinate workers including scheduling different trades like plumbers, electricians and bricklayers as well as order materials and supply tools
  • Where possible aim to minimise any inconvenience to the homeowner and neighbours, during the building process

What are a Builder's Qualifications?

A builder’s qualification may have originated from one of the Level 6 Advanced Craft Certificates such as bricklaying, carpentry or plastering trades with experience attained from learning a wide range of practical skills. Another avenue to qualification is to complete a Level 8 Honours Degree in Construction Management or similar, combined with relevant experience.

Along with a good knowledge of specialist trades as well as site management and supervisory skills, a builder will have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, demonstrating knowledge and compliance with the latest regulations and best practices.

When a builder registers a company offering building or construction services in Ireland, they will most likely be registered with Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI), renewable every 12 months. The database is a current listing of registered builders and sub-contractors, offering the assurance of competency as well as the knowledge that the builder will sign a Certification of Compliance upon project completion.

Builder AKA

A builder can also be known as a construction engineer, building and planning manager, construction manager or building contractor



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