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Be wary of low cost tradesmen and builders

Every hear the phrase - ' you pay peanuts, you get monkeys' ? Every year a large number of Irish property owners hire low cost builders and operators to undertake building and improvement projects on their homes. While many are satisfied with the end product it is worth considering being aware of the following points before you do down this path:


  • Many 'Low cost' operators are uninsured. This means that their operating costs are far lower than insured contractors as preimums in Ireland can be high. It also means that, should they have an accident on your property,  you are liable! Claims well into 6 figures have been recorded so please be careful!
  • Low cost means poor quality. The majority of low cost operators use sub-standard building materials for jobs and cut corners where you can't see. While a finished job might look ok when it is completed you may end up paying for it years down the track. Please be wary of this at all times.
  • Many low cost operators are not qualified. The 2 seem to go hand in hand. Always hire qualified trade professionals.