Hiring a van or a commercial vehicle shouldn't be expensive or difficult. 

Our partners will bring you hassle free and affordable van rentals for any job.

  • Fully Licenced van hire operators
  • Wide range of latest models available
  • A range of additional benefits such as free parking on-site while you rent

Simply fill in the form above and you will get fast quotes back from our van hire partners, by phone and by email. 

Hiring A Van - Tips and Advice Before You Hire

  • Always check the dimensions of the van to be hired. The length, height and width can vary across models and will determine the type of loads you can carry. 
  • Take note of the height of the van you have hired especially when travelling to 'Max. Height' restricted areas such as multi-storey car parks etc.
  • Before you drive away, try to familiarise yourself with the location of controls in your van such as the indicators, wipers, and bonnet release. Oh, and it is always handy to find out where the fuel cap is and the type of fuel the hired van runs on!
  • If you van is fully loaded, it may require a greater braking distance than what you are used to. Test this before you head onto busy traffic areas.
  • Different vans have different blind spots. Check them before you drive off and remember that loading the van inappropriately may add additional blind spots to the vehicle.
  • Please do not take a standard van off-road or try to make inappropriate journeys on rough terrain. That's what 4X4's are for!
  • Make sure you have the appropriate drivers licence and insurance cover for the van you select. 

Van Hire Coverage

Van hire is currently available from our partners in the following locations:

  • Van hire in Dublin
  • Van hire in Kildare
  • Van hire in Meath
  • Van hire in Wicklow
  • Van hire in Laois

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Van Leasing Coverage

Our partners provide comprehensive and flexible van leasing options throughout Ireland:
  • Van leasing is available nationwide across Ireland. 
  • Delivery and collection available nationwide
  • Flexible month to month lease plans available.
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