FAQs - Help For Tradesmen
First you must be an existing Tradesman member of OnlineTradesmen.ie. If you are not an existing member please click here. to start the joining process or call us on 01 4877380

If you are already a member of OnlineTradesmen.ie Please Click Here. You will be asked by our Payments Partner to provide information about yourself and your business - including your bank account details. You will also need to submit a number of pieces of identification the same as if you are opening a standard bank account. Our partner is fully regulated and PCI compliant so all your information is confidential to them and secure. Once you enrol it takes 24 hours for your account to be opened.
Well, first off we need a registered account to deposit your customer payments into. With our payments provider, we provide this facility for free but you are effectively opening a new bank account - so you are governed by legislation that requires you to fully authenticate yourself. The signup process via our PCI compliant payments partner ensures that you are compliant in this process. Your payment details are retained by them and are secured as with any bank. Once you provide all the required information to them, you should be up and running in 24 hours.
It's free for you to get started. No upfront fees, card reader devices etc. You simply pay a small % of each transaction on every payment you receive. We think that's the fairest way of doing it and it keeps your costs to a minimum.

Other providers (like your bank) require you to pay an upfront set-up fee, a recurring subscription or to buy an expensive piece of hardware to accept customer payments in the same way. On top of that they will also charge you the transaction fee (which is charged by all banks or credit card providers). We believe that you shouldn't have to pay these upfront charges, so we've made it cheap. In addition on TradePay you get some unique features - such as getting promoted to thousands of potential customers on our marketplace as a 'TradePay' member as well as some great payment management tools.
We make it very easy. Once you are enrolled, we register you as a member that accepts card payments. Once a customer submits a job on our site we encourage them to pay you using our secure TradePay system. They can pay you online or via their mobile phones through information we send to them. They can also visit your member website and submit a payment directly to you from there.
They are pretty major for most Tradesmen. No more waiting to get paid, wasting petrol in returning to customers, calling them or risking bouncy cheques! We give you a simple online platform to manage your sales and customers. We give you a great system to track your sales and integrate to your accounting package. We will also promote your business to tens of thousands of potential customers on the OnlineTradesmen.ie marketplace. We don't charge you a setup fee or get your to buy expensive hardware - so your costs are minimal. This list goes on. It really is a no brainer.
You simply setup a scheduled transfer between your new payments account and your existing bank account. This will transfer any payments you receive to your registered bank account as per the payment providers transfer schedule.
Once you are enrolled, you get full helpdesk contact details from our payments provider and support options. All queries relating to payments and your account will be handled by them.