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Rating By: Joanna
Comment By: completed works to a basic satisfactory standard. First rain after job was complete multiple leaks in the roof. Have had nearly a year of asking him to come back to fix leaks and recently have been informed he is going to start charging for a roof that has never been completed properly. May be a good price but will be very weary about using this contractor again. Have given up hope and am going with a roof specialist to fix the shody work
User Rating: 1/5
Star Rating:
Created Date: 19/07/2015 09:48:32

Rating By: Aine
Comment By: Scorpion Builders converted my attic late in 2009. They had brilliant ideas on how to make the best use of space / light, the price was competitive and the quality was excellent.
User Rating: 4/5
Star Rating:
Created Date: 14/03/2010 15:12:06

Rating By: stephen doyle
Comment By: dave called out new years eve gave a good price and ideas i decided to go with other company but dave gets full marks for his profesionalism
User Rating: 5/5
Star Rating:
Created Date: 16/01/2010 22:53:50

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