How it works for Tradesmen
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    Add your details

    As a member, we give you a personalised website for your business. We make it easy for you to add details of your business and photos of your work. When you reply to jobs on our system customers get to see your website along with your ratings from previous customers. Over time you build up an online profile that literally sells your business to visitors for you!

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    Access local job leads

    Onlinetradesmen.ie is Ireland's largest source of work for Tradesman and builders. We receive thousands of jobs leads each month from every county and trade. We'll send you SMS alerts to your phone when work of interest to you arrives on our system. You can view all these jobs online via your PC or mobile. Check out a sample of our most recent job leads here.

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    Reply to the jobs you want

    You can filter all your jobs by trade and location. Once you have found a job you want, you simply reply to it online. We don't charge you any extra to reply to a job online and you can reply to as many as you want. After you have replied to a customer we send them your reply along with a link to your member website. From this the customer can view your information, photos and ratings - and decide to get in touch to hire you.Thousands of property owners hire our Tradesmen each month.

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    Call potential customers

    Once you have replied to a job online, you have the option to call the property owner to discuss the project and sell your service. Only a moximum of 3 tradesmen members can call the customer in this way. To do so you will need to buy the customers details using some of your member credits - don't worry, we allocate you free credits when you join to get you started. By following up your online reply with a call for jobs you are most interested in, you can often increase your chances of winning work.

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    Get customer ratings 

    After you have completed a job on the system, we'll invite your customers to leave a rating for you. Ratings are a great way of building your reputation for quality work and good customer service. We verify all ratings to ensure that they are fair and accurate. Watch your business and reputation build.

Benefits Of Membership For Tradesmen
  • Unlimited Job Leads. Your Way.

    We receive over 4,000 job leads each month across Ireland. You simply pick and choose the ones that suit you. You can access and reply to jobs directly from your PC or Mobile phone. Busy now? No problem - only reply to jobs that start in weeks or months from now!

  • Enhanced Reputation

    We only allow Tradesmen who have a recognised qualification to join our service. So as a member, your reputation and standing is automatically enhanced. Additionally we partner with the main accreditation and regulatory trade bodies in Ireland. As a member you also have the potential to get ratings from customers - think of them as referrals and something that will further improve the amount of work you win.

  • A customised website for your business

    As a member you get a free website for your business that you can edit and customise easily yourself. It not only gets your business online but is also gets it <b>highly ranked on Google</b> in your local area. So if people are searching for your skills in your local area, your site will get found - resulting in <b>direct customer enquiries</b> to your business. Its equals even more work for your business.

  • Serious Discounts

    Everyone like a discount, right? As a community we have negotiated a discounts from a range of service providers that cover trade insurance, petrol, van hire among many services others. Additionally, we operate our own online Tool and Hardware shop - handyhardware.ie. From here we provide members with unbeatable monthly offers on over 50,000 power tools, fasteners, work wear and hardware items. All designed to keep more money in your pocket.

  • Networking

    No man is an island - often members seek the advice and services of other tradesmen for something they can't do themselves. We provide an online networking platform to interact with other members - whether its to solve a problem, find a sub-contractor, sell some tools or something else. With us, you're connected.

All our Tradesmen are Verified as Qualified