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Richard - RC Plumbing & Heating

"I've been a member for years and though I have a solid customer base, I always pick up jobs from it, so it's well worth the money for all I get in return "

James - J Sellars Landscaping

"Onlinetradesmen has been a valuable resource for me over the past 10 years. It's helped me connect with new clients and find available work in my area. I'm grateful that their platform is there to help me grow my business. "

Anthony - Mr T Roofing

"I wanted to get away from site work for better work life balance and go back to working for myself. I was hesitant but the service has worked out brilliantly for me with good jobs and the bookkeeping. Even the wife is happy! "

Lewis - Murphy Painting

"Moving to Tullamore, Co Offaly from Wexford meant building up a reputation locally was vital for business. Onlinetradesmen has helped me establish my business in Offaly and put me in touch with home owners in the area. It’s helped with my marketing eg sharing posts on social media, saving me money on expensive advertising. "

Ionut - Johnn's Handyman

"Very good service, thank you! "

James - JC Carpentry

"I find it easy to use and like that I'm in direct contact with the customer very quickly to close with them. "

Frank - LCF Demense Ltd

"90% of my business come from the Onlinetradesmen service. It's perfect for bigger jobs and picking up smaller jobs to fit in around the larger projects. I find it easy to respond to customers and win business. "

Graham - Atech Professional Tiling

"Roughly 60% of my work now comes from Onlinetradesmen. It's been great to get my name out there and build my business. "

Kevin - Phibbs Plumbing

"Very happy I joined. Great to get work to get your business off the ground "

Mark - Josephmarks painters

"I have pleasure in reviewing this efficient service and have been with Onlinetradesmen from their beginning many years back. They have served me well in forming a clean and professional conduit to and from numerous customers wishing to avail of josephmarks painters decorating services. In some previous years and through the "Covid" experience they have endeavoured to keep the connection active between customer and my services. "


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