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What Our Member Tradesmen Say:

Robert Mulgrew Electrician

I am delighted to have joined. You are now getting me 80% of my work. I do much appreciate it. The beauty of OnlineTradesmen is you can pick and choose the jobs that suit. As an added bonus, you get to pick the time you want to do the job, and also at a price you consider fair. In a nutshell, this site empowers you to "customise" the way YOU want to work, as if it was created just for you '

Joe FolliardTiler

Getting lots of work and benefits out of my membership

Maurice Magner Plumber

I was unsure at first if OnlineTradesmen was the right service for me. I'm happy to say I'm now a member for several months and really happy with the quality of the job leads.

Joe Whelan Plumber

I joined OnlineTradesmen back in 2012 on the recommendation of another tradesman. At the time, things were very quiet and I thought I'd give it a go. I was delighted to win a job within days of joining. 7 years on, I'm still a member of OnlineTradesmen and still winning work!

Ciaran Nangle Builder

Great site. Keeps work going all the time.

Darren Tobin Painter

I rejoined Onlinetradsemen last year to help me plan my work schedule. I have some big clients but always need to ensure I've enough smaller jobs booked in around the big jobs and to keep things going during the slower periods. OnlineTradesmen really helps with keeping the jobs flowing in.

Graham Gamble Painter

My friend recommended OnlineTradesmen to me and I have to say it’s been great so far. Glad I joined.

Andrei Cotoroi Tiler

I’ve seen a massive improvement on my profile in the last 3 months after taking on board all your suggestions. Now my business name is appearing in google, all thanks to your services. I’m getting lots of customers from the service. Thanks for everything.

Arnold Wilson AW Carpentry

Being a member of OnlineTradesmen has doubled the work volume coming our way and after such uncertainty over the past years it has really given us great peace of mind to know there are always new jobs on offer.

Mick Dillon Builder

The site is good and appreciate all the texts with work.

Noel Gubbins Handyman

Onlinetradesmen is my lifeline!

Peter Davis Plastering Kilkenny

Only been a member since November and i can see the advantages of being a member of It is a very valuable site in the current climate. Long may it continue and prosper!