Meet the Expert: 4 Top Budget Painting & Decorating Ideas

Meet the Expert: 4 Top Budget Painting & Decorating Ideas

Michael Crowley Painting and Decorating shares his top 4 ideas and typical costs to give your home a fresh new look on a budget.

With over two decades of painting and decorating expertise, Onlinetradesmen member Michael Crowley is well-versed in transforming homes affordably yet stylishly. 

"Everyone dreams of a chic home," shares Michael. "During initial consultations, I delve deep into my client's preferences, aspirations, and desired ambience for their living space."

Michael Crowley's services span external and interior painting, but he takes it up a notch by offering complete makeover solutions. From decorative schemes incorporating panelling, colour accents, and wallpaper, to the overall decor, Michael excels. 



Here are Michael's top four budget-friendly interior decorating tips:


1. Crafting an Accent Wall:

For a room facelift on a budget, opt for an accent wall. Michael suggests choosing a wall that naturally captures attention and isn't interrupted by windows or doors. "Embrace bold colours for the accent wall, ensuring they harmonize with the room's decor," advises Michael.

Accent wall projects by Michael Crowley start at €100, covering materials and labour.


2. Infusing Character with Wall Panelling:

Wall panelling adds allure to any home style, be it traditional or modern. "Panelling not only elevates aesthetics but also conceals wall imperfections," notes Michael. He showcases a trending Jacobean-style grid-panelled feature wall in Jamie Blue Dulux water-based satin paint.

Feature wall panelling projects by Michael Crowley kick off at €150, covering labour and materials.



3. Elevating with Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is a current rage due to its diverse textures, patterns, and colours. "When selecting wallpaper, consider the room's purpose and placement to avoid overpowering the space," Michael advises. Utilize wallpaper strategically to delineate zones or enhance the upper half of a room with a dado rail.

Michael Crowley's wallpaper projects commence at €80, excluding the wallpaper cost.


4. Revamping Furniture with Paint:

Rejuvenate old furniture pieces with a fresh coat of paint, a cost-effective method preferred by many clients. "Upcycling furniture not only breathes new life into it but also saves money compared to replacements," shares Michael. From side tables to wooden chairs, a vibrant paint hue can introduce a new interior vibe. Furniture restoration projects by Michael start at €150, encompassing preparation and materials.

Painting kitchen cabinets, a popular choice for a budget-friendly kitchen facelift, begins at €750 for a standard-sized kitchen, inclusive of materials and labour.

Based in Cork, Michael Crowley Painting and Decorating commits to timely completion with exceptional finishes that surpass expectations. Michael's meticulous attention to detail guarantees a beautifully decorated room, leaving you to simply relish the transformation.

Explore Michael's ratings and reach out to Michael Crowley Painting and Decorating directly or post your painting and decorating project today.

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