Creative Brickwork Ideas for Your Home
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Creative Brickwork Ideas for Your Home

Explore stunning bricklaying projects for your home, from exposed internal brick walls to stone fireplaces and raised garden beds. Find experienced bricklayers near you for quality workmanship and professional service.

When thinking of bricklaying and brickwork projects for your home, you might be limited to just thinking of groundwork or retaining walls. However, there is much more a brickwork professional can deliver.

In this article, we feature beautiful and ingenious bricklaying and brickwork projects for your home. 

From patio and driveways to full garden landscaping, property extensions and home maintenance projects post a job to find experienced and qualified bricklayers and stonemasons near you.


Exposed Internal Brick Walls

An exposed brick wall in a home can produce a feeling of warmth and character while maintaining a contemporary feel.




Brick Paving

Brick paving is easy to customise, allowing you to create the exact style you want using versatile design elements.



Paving by Olympian Landscaping


Stone Fireplace

With so many different colours, patterns, cuts, and natural options to choose from, stone fireplaces are easily customisable. In addition, a stone fire surround will retain more heat than another type of surround, keeping your room warmer for longer.




Front Garden Boundary Walls

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, adding a brick boundary wall is a quick way to brighten up your outside space while boosting a home's curb appeal too.




Stone walls by Stonecraft


Chimney restoration and repair

From minor cracks to major rebuilds, proper maintenance and repair of a brick chimney are important to extend its lifetime and ensure that it won’t pose a risk to property or people.

A well-designed chimney will add elegance to a home while doing its intended job of extracting lit fire smoke from a home. An example here is these beautiful chimney stacks as built and designed by Bricklayer Paul Martin.





Raised Brick Garden Beds

Add interest and easier garden maintenance with raised garden beds. Raised garden beds are often more productive for plant growth than beds in the ground because the soil is less compacted and offers better drainage.




External brick or stone cladding

Make a statement to your home with brick or stone cladding. Stone cladding can create a unique finish to both interior and exterior spaces. Exterior stone cladding can withstand harsh weather conditions and requires very little maintenance while being more resistant to breaking and chipping than many other wall materials.




House built with Kilkenny blue limestone, ashlar style by Stonecraft



Top tips when hiring a professional bricklayer for your project.

To achieve the desired result for your project, you will want to hire an experienced professional.

Some trades may identify as stonemasons, bricklayers, or block layers. A qualified landscaper may also have the required skills you require. A qualified bricklayer will offer you precision and speed while maintaining a high level of expertise.

To hire a great bricklayer for your project, follow these tips.

  • Experience: To understand the experience of a bricklayer you are considering, ask to view a portfolio of projects or, where possible, visit a recently completed project.
  • Check for reviews and testimonials. If ratings are not clearly available, ask to speak with a recent client to evaluate professional standards.
  • Compare Quotes: To get a competitive quote, request pricing from at least three different trade professionals and be sure to evaluate like-for-like when comparing quotes.
  • Qualifications: Many professional bricklayers will have completed a Bricklayer and Stonelaying apprenticeship and/or achieved City & Guilds Bricklaying qualifications

Before hiring, discuss costs, materials and payment terms and ask how long the job will take and when they can start.




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