Meet Daniel Piasta of DP Quality Space Limited - Dublin
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Meet Daniel Piasta of DP Quality Space Limited - Dublin

Daniel Piasta, owner of DP Quality Space Limited is a qualified plumber and general handyman. Daniel shares insights on his career and approach to customer satisfaction.


Meet Daniel Piasta, a qualified plumber and general builder with 18 years of experience in the trade. As the owner of DP Quality Space Limited, Daniel has completed various challenging and diverse projects, including house and flat refurbishments, loft conversions, extensions, and basement conversions.

With a passion for delivering high-quality work, Daniel has always aimed to ensure customer satisfaction by listening to his clients and delivering on their vision. In this interview, Daniel shares insights on his career, approach to customer satisfaction, and advice for those starting in the trade.



OLT: Hello Daniel, thank you for joining us today. Could you tell us how long you have been working for yourself?

Daniel Piasta: Hi, it's my pleasure. I have been working for myself for 18 years now.


OLT: That's quite an impressive length of time. What type of projects or jobs do you do?

Daniel Piasta: During my time in the trade, I've had a wide range of experience as a general builder. I have done numerous challenging projects, including refurbishing houses and flats, loft conversions, extensions, and basement conversions.


OLT: Wow, that sounds like a wide range of projects. Do you have any favourite projects or jobs that you particularly enjoy working on?

Daniel Piasta: Well, working in building construction is not only my profession but also my passion for being able to realise my clients' dreams in bricks and mortar. So that's why all projects are favourites for me.


OLT: That's a great approach to have. How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?

Daniel Piasta: I have always tried to deliver an extremely high standard of work for my clients regardless of the size of the project. You will find me more than willing to listen and help you realise what you wish to achieve in your home.


OLT: That's very reassuring for any potential customers. What's the most important lesson you've learned in your career so far?

Daniel Piasta: I think the biggest lesson I've learned so far is not to take on too many projects at the same time with not enough staff. It's almost impossible to run all projects on time if you don't have enough people. Delays, problems, and complaints from customers begin to arise.


OLT: That's a valuable lesson to have learned. How did you manage to stay afloat during the recession?

Daniel Piasta: During the recession, I swiftly adjusted to the market conditions by discussing with my employees and agreeing on the best approach to ensure the survival of our business until the market improved.


OLT: That's impressive. What advice would you give to someone starting out now in the trade?

Daniel Piasta: Above all, always be honest with the client. Do your job conscientiously and communicate with your clients what can and cannot be done to avoid misunderstandings and financial losses. Finally, constantly deepen your knowledge by attending additional courses to improve your knowledge because the truth is that what you know is how much you will earn.


OLT: That's excellent advice. Finally, can you tell us how Onlinetradesmen has helped your business?

Daniel Piasta: After moving from London four years ago, Onlinetradesmen helped me to get into the Irish market with very quick access to a very large customer base. It has been an essential tool in expanding my business here in Ireland.


OLT: Thanks Daniel for your time today. Is there anything else we should know about you?

Absolutely! I'm incredibly passionate about what we do and believe our team has the knowledge and expertise to exceed expectations. I find great joy in being able to provide exceptional results and take pride in the work that we deliver. I can assure prospective clients that our team is committed to not only meeting, but exceeding your needs and expectations, and we're always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you're completely satisfied with our service.

Daniel Piasta's success as a plumber and general builder is a testament to his dedication to delivering high-quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction. If you need a professional and qualified plumber and handyman for your next project, be sure to review Daniel's many 5 star-ratings and profile here: DP Quality Space Limited or post a job with the service.

Or if you're a tradesperson looking for new opportunities to grow your business, why not schedule a call with our team about joining the thousands of successful professionals like Daniel who have found success through our platform?

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