Home Energy Efficiency Insulation Grants
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Home Energy Efficiency Insulation Grants

Find a qualified & SEAI registered trade professional for your retrofit or insulation project today

The home energy upgrade scheme now offers insulation grants to cover up to 80% of the cost of minor retrofit work such as window replacement, attic, and wall cavity insulation and up to 50% for a deep retrofit, including external home insulation and heat pump installations.

This new scheme offers a lot more to improve a home’s energy efficiency, with payments of up to €25,000 to property owners, estimated to cover up to 50% of the overall cost of a deep retrofit project. Further announcements in the summer are also expected, including low-interest loans, making a deep retrofit project even more affordable.


Smaller Energy Upgrade Project Grants

While a Heat Recovery and Ventilation system is the gold standard for an energy-efficient home, the cost to achieve such a standard can be out of reach for many homeowners.

Energy experts advise homeowners to pick-off affordable projects first, like insulating an attic and/or cavity walls, gradually eliminating all drafts to a B2 rating or better.

For example, a family home can be a lot more comfortable and environmentally friendly by just starting with an attic insulation project, thereby lowering the cost of heating by 25% and saving between €400 - €500 annually on home energy costs.

The good news is that the new Home Energy Upgrade scheme also allows for the cost of smaller projects to be claimed, reducing the cost of projects like attic or cavity wall insulation to around €300.

To get started on your project towards a more energy-efficient home, a Building Energy Rating (BER) assessor can help you create an overall plan of improvements.




Home Energy Up Grant Options

Eligibility for Home Energy Upgrade Grants ranges from fully funded for qualifying homeowners to part-funded grants.

Part-funded options can either be a complete home energy upgrade solution or a selection of grants for individual upgrade work.

For example, a homeowner can use an SEAI one-stop-shop service that covers BER assessment, wall/roof insulation, heat pump, heating controls, solar water heating and electricity.

Or a homeowner can opt to manage the project themselves, including finding a registered SEAI contractor who is authorised to do the work, pay for the upgrade and claim the grant back following a BER assessment.

There are several benefits when choosing to manage a retrofit project, including:

  • Greater control over the process
  • Compare and contrast a range of quotes
  • Request and check contractor’s references
  • Supervise the work

A homeowner must have grant approval before work starts and must claim the grant within eight months from the date of approval. Some SEAI registered insulation contractors will also handle the grant application process on your behalf.



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