How much does a tiler cost in Ireland?
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How much does a tiler cost in Ireland?

Discover the average prices for tiling projects, including floor and wall tiling, bath and shower rooms and more. Request quotes from our network of qualified Tilers for accurate estimates.

When it comes to tiling, hiring a professional tiler is a wise decision compared to attempting a DIY project. Professional tilers bring expertise, ensuring a high-quality finish and saving you time and potential frustration. Here's what you need to know about the costs and considerations for hiring a professional tiler in Ireland.


Tiler Cost Guide 2024

Based on thousands of quotes obtained through the Onlinetradesmen service, this guide will provide an idea of the costs involved. The following prices are estimated for labour only and exclude materials and VAT. Please request a quote from our network of qualified tilers for the most accurate pricing for your specific project.

  • Daily Rate: €228 to €342, with labour-intensive tiles like mosaics on the higher end.
  • Hourly Rate: €34 to €46.

Regional Variations

  • Dublin: Average daily rate of €342.
  • Outside Dublin: Average daily rate of €302.


Costs of Popular Tiling Jobs

These price ranges are estimates for labour only and exclude materials and VAT. For an accurate price for your tiling project, request a quote here from our network of qualified Tilers.




  Cost of Popular Tiling Jobs  

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

Floor tiling per m2  €25 - €38 €31 per
Wall tiling per m2 €22 - €33  €26 per
Bath or shower area €627 - €1140 €808
Tiling kitchen floor €625 - €1000 €990
Tiling toilet room €570 - €1140 €570
Tiling ensuite €650 - €912 €770
Kitchen splash-back €285 - €400 €325
Tiling underfloor heating per m2 €33 - €51 €41 per
Tiling External floor i.e. patio €40 - €68 €51 per


  Cost to Fiit Non-Standard Tiles  

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

Mosaic tiling per sqm  €40 - €114 €63 per
Victoria patterned tiles €40 - €57 €50 per
Stone tiling per sqm €40 - €91 €55 per
Marble tiles per sqm €40 - €171 €67 per



Additional Costs to Consider

  • Materials (grouting, trim, adhesives) per m²: €9 to €22 (average €15 per m²)
  • Wall/floor preparation (plastering, removing old tiles) per m²: €6 to €34 (average €13 per m²)
  • Tiling area (size, access) per project: €171 to €456 (average €122)

Read ‘5 Incredibly Useful Tiling Tips for Homeowners’ to find out more.


Factors Influencing Tiling Costs

Several factors can influence the cost of your tiling project, including:

  • Design and Style: Simple tiles are easier and quicker to fit than intricate designs like mosaics or herringbone layouts, which can increase costs.
  • Tiling Area: The size and scope of the project affect costs, as does the condition of the surface. Uneven or restricted areas may require more preparation.
  • Materials: Ensure you have all necessary materials (grout, adhesives, trims) available before the project starts.
  • Wall Preparation: Any unfinished surfaces can delay the project. Ensure surfaces are prepped and ready for tiling.
  • Removal of Old Tiles: Factor in the cost of removing existing tiles and adhesives if applicable.
  • Underfloor Heating: This requires specific flexible adhesives and grouts, potentially increasing costs.


Hiring Tips for Finding the Right Tiler

Using a trusted service like Onlinetradesmen can simplify the process of finding a qualified tiler. If hiring independently, consider asking the following questions:

  • Can I receive my quote in writing? Written quotes provide clarity on costs, timelines, and materials needed.
  • Are you insured to work in my home? Ensure the tiler has Public Liability Insurance or All Risks insurance.
  • Can I view recent projects? Check their portfolio and speak to previous clients to assess the quality of their work.

For more detailed information and to get quotes from our network of qualified tilers, post a job here.


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