How Much To Install A Burglar Alarm - Home Alarm Costs & Options
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How Much To Install A Burglar Alarm - Home Alarm Costs & Options

The hour has gone back and it's burglar season. It’s an unfortunate fact of modern-day Ireland shows no sign of abating any time soon. With policing numbers stretched, it seems it’s been left to homeowners to secure their own homes. Unfortunate but true.

One of the considerations in any home security strategy has to be a burglar alarm. Statistics show that over 60% of burglaries on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful.  While impressive, this doesn’t even properly show their overall effectiveness – as it fails to take into account the number of break-ins that were deterred by just having a burglar alarm in place. Burglars are like anybody else – they will tend to opt for the least challenging target when it comes to plying their trade.   


What kind of Burglar Alarm do I Need?

Burglar and House Alarms should be installed to provide both exterior and interior protection. Your house alarm needs to include door and window sensors, glass break coverage, motion detectors, and fire protection. In most cases, a communications module should also be added to either send you a Text / SMS alert or call you when the alarm is triggered. This allows you to respond once notified and, if required, contact the police (or just turn off the alarm remotely).

Additional options can be the inclusion of a CCTV / Security camera system. These are very useful as you can access them remotely to see what triggered the alarm. With motion-sensing cameras, you can set these devices to photograph any activity in the home for viewing later. This can be useful in the event of a burglary to identify the perpetrators.


Burglar Alarm Costs

There is a range of options available to homeowners when choosing a burglar alarm. However, in 80% of cases a standard wireless alarm, with motion detectors and sensors for all windows/doors will be more than adequate. The addition of a remote control fob and communications module is also recommended (see the above) but will add additional costs.

You can find a few Burglar alarm models to buy here models that will provide peace of mind and security for most homeowners


How much to install a Burglar Alarm?

First off, the cost will depend on the type and complexity of the burglar alarm. The more sensors, the higher the cost. However, with wireless burglar alarms now established, there is less wiring to be done so the costs are less.

Burglar alarm installation costs in Ireland are normally in the region of €60 - €120 per hour. However, please note that by law you can only use a PSA-registered alarm installer to fit your alarm. The easiest way to find out much a burglar alarm costs to install is to request a quote from Onlinetradesmen. 

All our alarm installers are registered and qualified, plus rated by homeowners like you!  

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