How to calculate the cost of a landscaping project
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How to calculate the cost of a landscaping project

Tips on how to calculate a garden landscaping job and the average price for popular landscape projects.

The cost of your landscaping project will depend on the features you want to include and the size of the space you want to transform.

A landscaping project can start from a few hundred euros to hundreds of thousands of euros for a top-end, high-tech design.

On average, Irish property owners spend between €2000 - €6000 (ex VAT) for a landscaping job. To help you understand what a landscaping project will cost, we highlight what things to consider.




Start with a Landscaping Plan

With a plan, you will define the timeframe, budget and type of services you’ll likely need to realise your landscaping objectives.

In your plan, you will need to consider:

  • Design
  • Quality of soil
  • The need to add or remove soil from the site
  • Land grading or levelling
  • The need to remove existing pathways, patios, sheds, plants or trees
  • Garden access and location
  • Condition and repair of boundary walls or fences
  • Waste disposal or skip hire

Your plan may include a phased approach to achieving your landscaping goals or you may decide to get it done in all one go. Alternatively, you might consider hiring a landscaper for the entire project or hiring services to complete parts of the project and DIY the rest.

Whatever you decide, a plan will help you understand your goals, limitations and the professional gardening or landscaping services required.



Landscaping Design Costs

Hiring a landscaper designer will cost you between 10-15% of your overall budget. Some landscaping services will include a design service, which means you will pay a premium but receive a full service including all elements of materials, labour and construction plus a guide on plantings to complement your design.

If your budget does not allow such a service, start by creating a plan. Read our tips here on how to cut garden landscaping costs.

Remember the more elements you include in your design, the more money you’ll need to accomplish your design goals.


Popular Landscaping Project Costs

Hardscaping like patios, pergolas or decking will require more materials, and professional services and therefore more cost.

In Ireland, hardscaping costs average from €60 to €175 per square meter (ex VAT). However, what you will pay is very much dependent on what you want to achieve, the materials you choose, and the services required to achieve your desired outcomes.

Here is an example of some popular landscaping costs:

  • 26-meter squared raised composite deck costs between €4,000-€5,000*
  • 20-meter squared patio complete with framed cobblesett edging between €1,600 – €2,000*
  • 16-meter squared of straight cobblesett edging €800 - €1000*
  • 8-metres steppingstones €600 - €800*

*Prices quoted are ex VAT and subject to variables including property location and materials used.

Softscaping uses elements like grass, shrubs and flower beds to create natural borders and features. Softscaping will cost you less than hardscaping but will require more care and upkeep.

New plantings for your landscaping project can generally be calculated between 15% to 25% of the overall budget.

To ensure what you plant thrives in prepared beds, you should also replenish topsoil and plan to add mulch to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture.




Calculating Total Landscaping Costs

When calculating your overall project, you'll also need to factor in skip hire, labour and machinery required. If including garden lighting or an irrigation system, then you will also need to hire specialist trades like a Registered Electrical Contractor.  Plus allow an extra 15% on the budget for contingencies.

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