Ireland's Most Popular Home Improvement Projects In 2022

Ireland's Most Popular Home Improvement Projects In 2022

We reveal key trends in home improvement activity and spending over the past year. Check out the most popular home improvement projects as submitted to the service in 2022.

In 2022, home improvement was all about improving comfort, safety, and energy performance. These trends have translated into significant amounts of home improvement activity and spending on the Onlinetradesmen service.

Since the launch of Onlinetradesmen in 2006, the service has processed over 1.45 Million home improvement jobs, with the cumulative value of home improvement jobs submitted valued at over €3.3Bn.

With the demand for verified trade professionals set to continue in 2023, there has never been a better time to be a self-employed trade professional in Ireland.



Ireland's most popular home improvements 2022

Following is a summary of the most popular home improvement projects submitted via Onlinetradesmen in 2022.

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Home Insulation

As homeowners look to make their homes more comfortable by reducing the amount of heat escaping in winter and reducing the amount of heat entering in summer, demand for insulation has increased by 154% in 2022 with the most popular type of projects being cavity and attic insulation.


Solar Panel Installation

The ability to generate renewable electricity and reduce energy costs has more than doubled demand for Solar panels to 120% in 2022.


Energy-Efficient Heating

Energy upgrades to make homes more comfortable and cheaper to run increased demand by 114% for heating & plumbing specialists with stove-fitting, heat pumps and boiler replacement all trending in 2022.


Hard Landscaping

Homeowners opted for low-maintenance hard landscaping improvements in 2022 with an increase in demand by 110% for patio paving, garden borders, pathways, and drives.


Electrical Upgrades

Installing the latest electrical technology, home rewiring projects and demand for at-home electric car charging points have increased demand for electricians by 91%.


Bathroom Refits

Design and aesthetics have driven demand for bathroom refits by 34% in 2022. Homeowners have also opted for more energy-efficient bathrooms from improved lighting to water-saving faucets and toilets.


General Maintenance

General home maintenance including roof & guttering repair, wood treatment and exterior painting and has also increased by 26% in 2022 reflecting homeowners’ efforts to keep their properties in good condition and avoid excessive home repair costs in the long term.


Onlinetradesmen has seen the strongest home improvement activity growth in Dublin, followed by Cork and Kildare. Cumulatively the service, which offers over 130 home improvement and repair job categories, has seen year-on-year job growth of 56% in 2022.


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