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Trade Pro Profile - Dublin Builder - Dean Inglis, Apex Attics

'Every customer we have worked with has had a good experience and our ratings and reviews are definitively reflective of this'

Dean Inglis, Apex Attics


OLT: Who inspired you to go into building Dean?

Dean: My dad is a builder/developer, so when I was around 13 years old, I started learning the trade, working on-site with him. Then at 16 years of age, I started my plastering apprenticeship.

By the time I had finished my apprenticeship, I had connections in the building trade and had gained real-world experience in both plastering and construction disciplines.


OLT: Which type of projects do you enjoy most?

Dean: I get great satisfaction from all the jobs we take on, but probably my personal favourite is the dormer attic conversion service we offer.

This type of conversion makes the space larger than a roof light conversion (where Velux windows are installed on the slope of the roof).

If planning allows, a dormer attic conversion means the windows project from the existing roof structure, increasing the volume of roof space with full headroom and light.


OLT: How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?

Dean: I feel very confident that every customer we have worked with has had a good experience and our ratings and reviews are definitively reflective of this.

My central principle to working toward customer satisfaction is regular contact regardless of if the project is going well or not going to plan.

When working with a client, I always answer a phone call or quickly return a missed call.


OLT: Has there been a project that has stood out in your career?

Dean: The project that comes to mind is a dormer attic conversion in Lucan. It was a high-spec project, which created a rooftop retreat for the owners complete with 2 bedrooms and an ensuite shower room.


Apex Attics Dormer Project Sneak Peek.




OLT: What are the lessons you have learnt in the years you have been in business?

Dean: The key to any building project is structural integrity. There are numerous reasons why the structure of any building can fail if design and construction principles are not effectively applied. For example, a steel ridge beam was not included in the architectural plans of the Lucan project.

I quickly recognised that this was going to be an issue with the building’s ability to support the attic weight and avoid, what could potentially be, a catastrophic failure for the building structure. I refused to move forward with the project until a revised plan, including a steel ridge and load-bearing capacity, was included and signed off by a structural engineer.


OLT: How did you stay afloat during the last recession?

Dean: The global recession hit the industry hard. Thankfully, my plastering background and smaller building jobs kept my business going.


OLT: What advice would you give to someone starting in the trade?

Dean: Don’t expect to make millions. Cash is the lifeblood of any business, so make sure you price your services and materials correctly. If you are going to be a self-employed trade professional, get some basic business knowledge and know where and how you will get your business.


OLT: How has Onlinetradesmen helped your business?

Dean: Onlinetradesmen has done loads for my business. As only qualified professionals can join the service, it offers customers the type of assurance that can help us close business quickly.


OLT: Thanks for your time, Dean. Is there anything else you can tell us about yourself?

Dean: I love motorcycle racing, when I can find the time.


With over 20 years of experience, Apex Attics can deliver your ideal attic or dormer attic conversion to the highest of standards on a budget that works for you.

Dean and his team cover the greater Dublin area, including the surrounding counties of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow.

For a no-obligation quote, contact Dean direct on 087-705-0026 or post a job with Onlinetradesmen to find qualified and rated attic builders and trade professionals near you.

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