Meet the Expert: How to Save Money with Smart Radiator Valves

Meet the Expert: How to Save Money with Smart Radiator Valves

Discover how smart radiator valves can help you save up to 20% on energy costs. Expert insights from D14 Heating & Plumbing member. Get free quotes from qualified specialists.

The soaring cost of electricity, gas and home-heating oil means that many households are set to pay €400 more for the home heating and electricity needs this winter.

Therefore, it’s now more important than ever to make sure any heat produced in your home is well managed.

Smart radiator valves can be a quick and easy way to regulate the use of heat in the home and can save a homeowner up to 20% in home energy costs.

This month we chat with member Tom Blunden from D14 Heating & Plumbing about smart radiator valves as an effective way to reduce the amount of energy needed to warm your home and hot water.


Onlinetradesmen (OLT): What are smart radiator valves and how do they work?

Tom: Smart radiator valves control the flow of hot water in individual radiators, which then allows you to manage the temperature or schedule of every radiator in your home from your phone, tablet or smartwatch.


OLT: How can smart radiator valves save a homeowner money on heating bills?

Tom: If a home doesn’t have any type of heating control, then a homeowner would be heating all areas of the home at the same temperature when it’s not always needed.

However, smart radiator valves allow you to ‘zone’ your heating and heat your hot water separately.

For example, you can turn on your radiator heating in the areas where you need it most or run a schedule to switch the heat on/off or increase and decrease temperatures at certain times of the day - using less energy in the process.


OLT: Would a boiler upgrade or radiator replacement be required when installing smart radiator valves?

Tom: Installing smart radiator valves does not mean you would need to replace your boiler, however in the case of older or inefficient gas boilers, a homeowner will want to consider a replacement to ensure maximum energy efficiency gains.

If your radiator has manual valves (“+/-“) rather than thermostatic values (with a numbered dial) then your valve body will need to be replaced.

A heating and plumber specialist will be able to assess what is best for your home.




OLT: Are there any disadvantages when installing smart radiator valves?

Tom: There are very few disadvantages to smart radiators.

Once installed, a homeowner will have complete control of their heating and can easily set up schedules for heating only the rooms when and where it’s needed.

Installing a smart thermostat is recommended to get the most from a smart radiator valve setup - as this will allow the smart valves to communicate with the boiler to turn it on and off.

Do your homework and choose your brand wisely, as most smart radiator valves are only compatible with that manufacturer's smart thermostat and connecting device – so you’ll be locked into the entire brand’s set-up.

If you want to install smart radiator valves on all radiators in the home, the cost can add up as the cost of valves starts from €50 plus the cost of the smart heat control. So a standard home set-up could start around €700. To get an accurate cost for your home, post a job and get free quotes from our qualified network of heating and plumbing specialists.

Tom Blunden and his team offer skilled and expert plumbing and heating services, from full bathroom installations to trouble-shooting heating issues and radiator & heating upgrades.

Post a Plumbing & Heating job via Onlinetradesmen to find heating and plumbing specialists near you.

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