Secure Your Home – 4 Recommended Home Security Systems
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Secure Your Home – 4 Recommended Home Security Systems

Digital solutions are now at the forefront of home security in and around the home. Here are four systems aimed to protect your home and property.

Technology has vastly improved the way we secure our homes. From remote monitoring to smart door locks, when it comes to home security, digital transformation has not only advanced home security systems but has also made them accessible and affordable for homeowners.


Indoor and Outdoor Home Security

Security cameras are now more intuitive, cheaper and easier to install than ever before. Connection to Wi-Fi now means you can live stream feeds from anywhere both inside or outside the home.

Outdoor security cameras can differentiate between people and animals and smart alerts can be sent to your phone by remote monitoring notification. You can also establish front door or driveway alerts, and be informed of events for those specific zones only.

Video feeds can be saved to the cloud and reviewed at your convenience and slightline functionality allows you to quickly scroll through all recorded events to find footage according to location, start and end times of the event as well as allow you to zoom in on the action.

Footage can be clipped and downloaded to share with neighbours or the Gardaí and some models will even allow you to create a short time-lapse film from longer clips.

Many outdoor camera models are weatherproof and offer night vision recording however if you are seeking ultra-bright floodlights complete with sensors, alarm and cameras – an outdoor floodlight camera could be what you are looking for.


1. Outdoor Floodlight Cameras

To alert or signal a visitor or intruder on your property, a floodlight camera is an excellent replacement for any existing senor floodlight.

The latest outdoor cameras are weatherproof and many suitable for DIY installation. However, if you are required to connect to a new power source by fixing and drilling for power cables, then you should only outsource the job to a licensed Private Security Authority (PSA) contractor.




2. Indoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras can make a lot of sense, especially to alert a homeowner to intruders, however, indoor security cameras can also be handy not just for security reasons, but also to record footage, speak to and monitor pets and even prevent fires or sound alarms.

Some indoor security cameras are now so intuitive as to perform face recognition as well as recognise pets.

Some systems can also be set up to recognise registered mobile phones and stop recording when family members are in the home.

Outdoor and indoor security camera systems can be purchased as a bundle, offering family members access to functionality and notifications from one application.




3. Smart Door Bells

When a person arrives to your door, a smart doorbell is designed to notify you via a smartphone or other electronic device.

The smart doorbell will enable you to see and speak via a smartphone application using the doorbell’s built-in high-definition camera and microphone.

Some versions of the smart doorbell have motion sensors, which can signal when someone enters your property from a distance of approximately two meters from the doorbell itself.

Sensors will trigger the camera to record a video file and upload the clip to your account – so if a crime has been committed in or around your home - you'll have evidence to show the Gardaí.


4. Smart Door Locks

A smart door lock will not only keep your home secure but is also a highly convenient technology for the home.

Once installed, a smart lock will connect to WI-FI enabling you to lock or unlock your door from your smartphone or any other connected device.

If you forget to lock your door, a smart door lock will alert you when your door is left open or unlocked.

You can also give digital keys or restrict entry to the home during specific times and friends, guests and other family members can be allowed unlimited access, without numerous set of keys required.

Some smart door locks combine both key and keypad options. Some models even integrate with touchpad technology options.

A smart lock combined with a smart doorbell lock will enable you to remotely see who is at the door via smart devices as well as record front door activity.

If you are away from home and expecting a cleaning service or dog walker or you have a delivery scheduled, a smart lock enables you the convenience and control to let in services without needing to be home to do so.

While the installation of a smart door lock will require a registered Private Security Authority (PSA) professional, a smart doorbell can be easily installed and some models are even battery-operated with no wiring required. Find a registered PSA licence holder in your area today!


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